11 August 2015

BPM crosses borders with enhanced multi-language feature in RapidValue

Stronger multi-language functionality in the newest release of To-Increase RapidValue for Microsoft Dynamics AX includes translations of record titles, business processes and their elements, and the choices in lookup forms. Easily activated and displayed, the new multi-language options make it much easier for team members to collaborate in their company’s business process management (BPM) efforts when they are most familiar with a language that is not English. These multi-language capabilities also pave the way for internationally growing companies.

Easing BPM across language environments
For years, To-Increase RapidValue for Microsoft Dynamics AX has supported publishing and previewing content in multiple languages. Many companies have used the solution to translate content and make it available to their colleagues in other language environments. They could read and review process, role, and activity documentation and employee guidance in their preferred language.

With the latest release, the multi-language capabilities in RapidValue also support collaboration around BPM content for those team members who are not entirely comfortable using the base language. You use a configuration key to turn the multi-language support on and off.

When the primary language of a BPM team is not English, RapidValue users can display translations of record titles in forms, which makes it easier for them to locate and work with RapidValue content.

They can also see translations in their language when they view business processes and their elements. The high-level process description as well as the designations of the process phases are translated.

Finally, in RapidValue you can now take advantage of translations in lookup forms, such as the flow assignment form illustrated here.

Multilanguage In Rapid Value BPM For Dynamics AX2

At a time when more and more businesses grow across borders or have team members in international locations, and when more companies extend their ERP system into teams and business groups in widely distributed locales, BPM with RapidValue is also becoming more effective and manageable for multi-language teams.

The 6.3.1502 release of RapidValue is planned for September 2015. If you have any questions or requests for multi-language BPM or anything else to do with RapidValue, I would love to hear from you

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