4 April 2019

Benefits of Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow Solution


To-Increase is delighted to introduce the latest product in its portfolio based on its EASY concept. The easy concept, as the word suggests, leverages our deep domain knowledge, global experience, and awareness of the customer pain points to create an easy solution that meets and exceeds customer needs. Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow is a solution that aims to ease the problems related to warehouse operations.

We are aware that warehouse operations can make or break the overall flow of your operations, which is why the solution is based on the major pain points that you, our customer may face:

Problem with languages: The solution could pose problems in terms of the local language that you want to operate in. Our out-of-the-box solution offers English language along with the option to render in other languages. Non-standard processes: Our solution has an easy setup and offers processes defined in Inventory management (WMS-I). Which means any concerns around standard processes like item information, purchase receipt, transfers, and picking are mitigated.
Scanning issues: Many steps in warehouse operations require scanning, and sometimes this can be an additional expense. However, with Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow, you can use GTIN, GS1-128 barcode scanning, and RFID, which is useful in warehouse operations. Operating system costs: In the same way, many apps have a condition about the operating system that can be used. However, our solution works in Android, iOS, Windows CE, or Windows Mobile environments with consistently fast performance and solid reliability across operating systems.
Customization aspects: Often many customers do not seek solutions for their warehouse issues as they have to hire new skills and increase investments to customize the solution. However, with our solution, you D365 for F&O implementation skills to implement and customize the apps as per your requirements. Investment in devices: Many solutions require additional investment in mobile devices for maximum benefits. However, with our solution, you can run the app on any mobile device as long as it comes equipped with a browser. The app is also responsive and fits any screen automatically.
Inconsistency in processes: This is one of the pain points that we often have customers talk about. Which is why Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow offers a consistent, progressive, and guided interface. Lack of efficiency:  Often the performance of workers is affected adversely as the processes are not optimized. With the support of our solution, you can improve the efficiency of overall performance with ease.


Benefits you can Expect from Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow:

  • Ehance the efficiency of warehouse workers with mobile capabilities
  • Improve accuracy drastically before the goods are transported with the scan and check feature
  • Save on time and expenses with real-time entry by workers into their mobile devices
  • Optimize inventory management with a complete and updated view of inventory levels
  • Implement and manage with ease, without additional IT support.

Want to streamline warehouse operations with the power of mobile?

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Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas,
Daniel Villegas,
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