24 July 2018

3 Things to Consider When Setting up a Wireless Network in a Warehouse

3 Things to Consider When Setting up a Wireless Network in your Warehouse for our Mobile Solutions

In my last blog, we zoomed into what hardware we advise to use in combination with our mobile software. Besides the mobile software and choosing, the right scanning device there is a third component that contributes to the success of your investment in your mobile scanning solution: your wireless network.

To set the right expectation, we are not experts in setting up wireless networks in warehouses and will always advise you to work with a local hardware reseller to set up such a network in your warehouse successfully. However, we can help you take the right decision. 3 things that you need to keep in mind while selecting the right wireless network:

1.Ensure a reliable and strong wireless network
Hardware is useless if you have poor wireless reception. So having a wireless network (also known as Wireless LAN, WLAN or Wi-Fi network) that performs well is key. Mobile devices in a wireless network respond differently than laptops (with no roaming - do not move around much, once turned on). Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have your hardware reseller do a site survey to design and install a reliable and well performing wireless network. If you intend to use the mobile devices outside your company, make sure they have a 3G/4G/5G radio installed and an appropriate data subscription.

2.Evaluate installation options
After a thorough site survey, you should have a good plan with recommendations on how to install a Wireless Infrastructure. To give you an estimation of the cost involved, we give you two basic options to choose from:
Separate Access Points

  • Most common when you need less than 20 Access Points for good coverage
  • As a basic rule of thumb, you need one Access Point per 300 – 400 m2

Switch with Access Points

    • Most common when you have more than 20 Access Points and when you want to manage settings via one device (Switch) for all Access Points
    • As a basic rule of thumb, you need one Access Point per 300 – 400 m2
      and one Switch per location

3.Document, document, document!
As stated in my previous blog, have an extensive document where you have information on tested several different mobile scanners, label printers, and steps on setting up a wireless network in your warehouse.

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