14 September 2014

APQC standards now available in BPM with To-Increase RapidValue

APQC standards now available in BPM with To-Increase RapidValue

To-Increase has built a cross-industry template and a dozen industry-specific XML templates that make it possible for you to work with the complete APQC process classification frameworks within RapidValue, our business process management (BPM) solution. You can now take advantage of the effective, proven, comprehensive APQC standards to review and improve all of your business processes within the streamlined BPM environment of RapidValue.

To-Increase is releasing several new content packages for RapidValue, the business process management (BPM) solution. They include RapidValue template solution data files in XML format with complete reference process models developed by the American Productivity and Quality Center, better known as APQC. You can simply import a template solution file into RapidValue and start working with the APQC classifications. To-Increase has created a cross-industry template as well as 12 specific templates for such industries as aerospace, banking, consumer electronics, electric utilities, retail, and telecommunications. The cross-industry template defines close to 1200 processes with KPIs and supporting processes; some of the industry templates offer even more.

Are you familiar with APQC? In simple terms, the APQC process classification framework (PCF) is a list that organizations can use to describe their processes in a clear, comprehensive manner and without redundancies. Companies undertake this effort for a number of good reasons. Most often, they want to document and understand processes they would like to improve, improve organizational performance, optimize software rollouts, or establish benchmarks within the organization or with others. In addition to definitions of process elements, APQC also offers key performance indicators for many business processes.

The use of XML files readies APQC for use in the RapidValue BPM environment. APQC traditionally delivers its PCFs as collections of documents and worksheets. When you bring the APQC frameworks into RapidValue, you can adjust them to fit your strategy, business model, and KPIs. APQC KPIs become metrics in RapidValue.

With the release of this content package, companies and their technology partners can use the sound, highly regarded APQC reference frameworks in RapidValue, where they perform process optimization. If you prepare a reorganization, want to improve certain business processes, or set meaningful benchmarks, APQC can be very valuable. Bringing APQC into RapidValue instead of using spreadsheets and other files can make the effort more efficient and help you ensure that all the right stakeholders are involved.

With any feedback or questions about APQC or anything related to RapidValue and BPM, pleasecontact To-Increase.

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