6 August 2020

How Human-Centric BPM ensures better UX and faster customer adoption

Human Centric BPM

Business process management (BPM) information is not usually readily available to employees. But it should be as it brings transparency in the organization operations, helping employees to understand why certain decisions have been made. And, what role they play in the success of the organization.

That’s why it is crucial that a BPM product should take a human-centric approach for a better and faster customer adoption; along with streamlining the processes, helping employees to be more engaged and involved.  


To-Increase clients have been using our people-centric BPM, RapidValue, and have seen their processes optimized for better results. Our BPM supports in keeping ERP firmly in tandem with your processes, which makes our BPM practical, result-driven and yes, more humane. 


Human Centric BPM


Let’s delve into this topic further to find out:  

  • What is human-centric BPM? 

  • How a Business Process Management suite charged with a people-centric approach enables better user experience.  

  • What are the salient features and benefits of a human-centric BPM? 

  • How does a BPM centered around people take the end-user guidance to the next level? 


What Is Human-Centric BPM? 

Human-Centric Business Process Management is the name given to the approach towards a BPM that puts human skills and activities at the forefront and uses an automated process to help it. Most BPM suites are not without human-centric features because it helps in increasing flexibility and adaptability of the system.  

Some of the examples of unique human daily tasks covered by a human-centric BPM include: 


  • End-user guidance while performing daily tasks.

  • Creating and publishing documents or reports.

  • Creating images, such as in designing process flows.

  • Reviewing, measuring, analyzing or evaluating reports.

  • Deciding between choices of solution, process flows, design icons etc.

  • Translating languages to support multi-geography content usage.

  • Authorizing and owning a process or approving it.

  • Training others and performing assessments.

These human-centric tasks complement processes that are focused on replacing most human intervention, through automation or any other emerging technology. 


What are the Features and Benefits of a Human-Centric BPM? 


Here are important human-centric BPM features needed to keep employees happy, engaged and efficient: 


  • Agility in response to happenings 

  • The ability to delegate tasks 

  • Possibility of placing tasks on hold 

  • Ability to avoid information overload 

  • Single source of the truth  

  • Flexibility in designing process flows 

  • Adaptability 

  • Easier integration with other systems 

  • Meaningful embedded relevant insights 

  • Ability to avoid information overload for the user persona 

The benefits provided by these features include better risk management, higher repeatability and predictability, higher rates of compliance, increased management support, and better communication with customers and vendors. 


How RapidValue BPM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is empowering users  

We have worked hard to create RapidValue BPM which ensures the best experience for everyone in the business.  Whether they are content creators, project managers, process owners, or other employees, now everyone can have easy access to their role(s), duties, department, business unit, tasks, test runs, trainings, defects, feedbacks – everything related to the processes and application, including detailed work procedures.   


By using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and To-Increase  RapidValue BPM Suite, anyone in your business can see the value being delivered to the business. Using social feedback capabilities in our BPM Suite, business leaders get valuable insights, can decide where improvements need to be made, and that drives efficiency at every juncture of the process, empowering users.    


My process workspace provides the right guidance to direct the employee towards the daily tasks in a structured manner. In addition to this "My tasks", "My test runs", "My training, "My feedback", "My defects" features help employees reach out easily to their manage their daily tasks on the projects and keep an eye on their responsibilities in the testing phase. The RapidValue BPM suite form guide allows process guidance to be embedded in any D365 form without requiring specific form customization. The summary of the feature is given below. 


How BPM suite is digitally transforming the information for the employees 

To-Increase has significantly enhanced the user experience by bringing in the capability to display the form guidance ribbon in each D365 form, including the manual activities as well in the My Process guide workspace. In addition, employees can now also provide feedback to the process owners and track their status if the process owner has accepted and acted upon the suggestion. 

process guide


Here is the summary of the feature: My process guide workspace is very helpful for the users to reach out to just one place/section to access their daily tasks across the organization process model. This is critical to ensure that only the right information is available to the right person. He or she can access all his roles, activities, flows, feedbacks, and processes where he is the owner or a participant. 

Overview process guide workspace


The BPM Suite also takes the user guidance further to the next level. If you want to provide help from the D365FO forms, which have been linked to the activities on the flow diagrams in your solution, this will tell the user that he uses that form to carry out a particular process and give him guidance on how to carry out that process. This also involves displaying a where used form for the selected form.  

BPM Suite D365FO


BPM Suite



Fig – Actionable Insights in the My process guide workspace  

  Actionable Insights in the My process guide workspace


Fig – Employee feedback to the process owners 



In addition to this, "My tasks" and "My test runs" features helps employees reach out easily to their daily tasks on the projects and their responsibilities in the testing phase. 


Test Runs BPM Suite


Fig – Test runs assigned to an employee which can be accessed in "My test runs" workspace 


How our BPM suite is simplifying processes, providing better end-user guidance  


Our RapidValue BPM Suite, a business process management product, used by many organizations, effortlessly syncs strategy and business processes with ERP systems. The tool aligns both business activities and ERP with your company goals and strategies. RapidValue BPM Suite comes with a separate workspace for managing personalized employee needs, and end-user form guidance.  


The BPM suite also lets you understand and determine how your business runs by designing a business model that indicates the dependencies between people, processes, and systems. It sets your direction by defining strategy and goals and mapping them to processes. Empower employees by giving them direct access in Microsoft Dynamics 365FO to all process details they need to know.  


It provides support across all the phases of the implementation from diagnostics till solution acceptance and for any subsequent post go-Live process improvement projects as well. Major benefits of our human-centric BPM suite are that it reduces the risk and enhances management operations, and improves client relations with effective interactions, making it human-centric. 



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Eric Van Hofwegen,
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