17 March 2020

7 Mistakes You Can Make during Logistics Management Solution Implementation

Does your business deal with inventory? If yes, do you have a logistics management solution? Logistics management can be a laborious process when done manually. Logistics management solution automates the most critical tasks of the logistics process, which would save a lot of your time and cost. However, if not done right, the implementation process of the software can have considerable roadblocks.

Our logistics management solution has assisted numerous businesses with their inventory issues. However, even our clients have faced problems in the implementation process. Often, these issues can be handled with efficient research and planning. Most of the stumbling blocks in the implementation process are a result of the lack of preparedness for the implementation process.

Here are the common mistakes you make during Logistics Management Implementation:

Evaluating Needs

The biggest mistakes committed in the implementation of Logistics management software do not happen during the process. Instead, these mistakes are made even before selecting the software.

You need to sift through your current logistics requirements before you set out to buy a solution. Furthermore, to ensure the longevity of the software, you also need to evaluate your future needs. Judiciously establishing your current and future requirements would set a solid foundation for your software selection process. Also, it ensures you find the software that addresses all your logistics issues.

Inefficient Planning

Though implementing logistics management software during peak time may seem like an attractive option, it could be a counterproductive decision. While planning the implementation, you need to consider the time your staff would need for training.

If you implement a new logistics software in a peak season, not only your staff training would be ineffective, but it may also lead to additional errors in the process.

Inflexible Software

In the light of fast-paced technological advancements, software which may seem like the right fit now may go obsolete very soon. Hence, you would need a logistics management solution that can support your business growth.

You need to consider your future growth while selecting your logistics management software. The best way to address this issue is to choose a customizable logistics management solution. With a little effort and configuration, you should be able to upgrade your software to meet your future needs.

Inadequate Research

Selecting a logistics management software would be a long-term decision. Thus, you cannot compromise on your research about the types of solutions available market.

 You can also consult an implementation expert to help you make the right decision. It can be easy to get swayed away by attractive discounts and compelling demos. However, it is crucial to analyse your requirements and select a software according to them.

Not Calculating ROI

A logistics management solution would cost you a considerable amount. However, you might not realize the monetary benefits of this software immediately. It would take a few months or even a year for your business to see the financial benefits of the solution.

Therefore, it is not a straightforward process to calculate ROI. However, the calculation is essential for you to decide on a budget for the Logistics software. You could take the assistance of your solution provider or an expert on implementation to calculate your ROI accurately.

Senior Management

If you don’t have the complete approval of your senior management, naturally, the software implementation would not be an easy path. Also, you need to consider the effects the implementation would have on other departments.

Finding a logistics management application that can integrate easily with other business operations would help you get everyone on board.

Over-estimating Results

Logistics management can automate most of your inventory processes and produce visible results. However, it needs to be backed by efficient strategy, staffing, and support. The software by itself cannot overturn the problems of your logistics management.

You need to build well-defined processes and facilitate good staff training programs to optimize the utility of the software.

The Anywhere Logistics Impact

With the help of experts, you can minimize the pitfalls in your logistics management solution implementation. Our team at To-Increase Anywhere Logistics can guide you through your implementation process. Our software can address most of the problems in your logistics department.


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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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