16 April 2014

Run Assembly Orders Efficiently from within Projects

Run Assembly Orders Efficiently from within Projects

In the latest version of To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we provide a full integration between assembly orders, job management, and resource management. You can now create assembly orders—typically used in light manufacturing—from within a project, and run them in a job-specific manner. This capability, which is less complex than the production module for assembly orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is designed to help manufacturers simplify their production management. In this post, we take a look at how this works.

The new integration between assembly orders and job and resource management extends the more basic integration in the earlier version of Industrial Equipment Manufacturing between assembly orders and jobs.

Expanded BOMs

The solution now handles assembly bills-of-material (BOM) in the same way as production BOMs. When they are job-specific, they need to be expanded. You can maintain the component lines, and modifications will be copied to your assembly order.

In the illustration below, the highlighted lines are job-specific, recognized as demand by the job planning line. When lines are blue, they have not been transferred to a replenishment document and therefore requires attention from a planner. The grey lines are displayed for information only. The demand associated with them is recognized by the assembly order component lines.

IEM Assembly Order 1

Assembly Order Workflow

We designed a specific assembly order workflow to ensure correct order handling, including, for example, preventing premature posting before time lines are posted. The workflow determines the standard document status.


Generic Tasks Type Assembly

We also created a new generic task type called Assembly Order to ensure that assembly orders are completely integrated with the Resource Management capability in Industrial Equipment Manufacturing. At the same time that you post assembly order time lines, the solution creates several other entries related to capacity, values, resources, and the job ledger.

IEM Assembly Order 3

If you have any questions or feedback regarding assembly order management in Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, please contact us.

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Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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