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Business Integration
Connectivity Studio
Business Integration
Connectivity Studio

Successfully migrate data and configure integrations with any system from within Dynamics 365

Configure data imports and exports, avoid customizations, and simplify the creation, management, and monitoring of complex integrations between D365 F&SCM and other business systems with our rich, intelligent, and flexible solution.

How can Connectivity Studio help you? 

What to expect from the key features?


Key Feature

No-code, point-and-click integration creation

Connectivity Studio allows the use of tables, views, and entities to configure complex integrations, thus enabling flexible mapping. Our high-performance solution also has a rich transformation library and out-of-the-box connectors. It provides support for a wide variety of file formats, document types, message protocols, and data movement methods.


Key Feature

Advanced data manipulation

Connectivity Studio allows for data transformations, default values, and conversions. You can also do form mapping or conditional mapping for advanced data manipulation to help you deal with the complexities of the D365 F&SCM data model.


Key Feature

Intuitive integration monitoring

Easily monitor, debug and improve the overall performance of business-critical integrations and business processes with our simplified monitoring app. Gain real-time access to integration health, optimize slow-performing integrations and trigger quicker error resolutions.


Connectivity Studio Factsheet

A highly configurable and intuitive solution designed to add value to your integration projects, Connectivity Studio for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management is a powerful application integration engine that helps you manage complex ERP integrations and achieve successful migrations seamlessly and securely. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you support us in educating our team to make use of Connectivity Studio?

We provide multiple ways for you to train and make the best of Connectivity Studio – from 1-2 min on-demand training videos to virtual and/or in-person trainings spanning a full day – where we dive deeper into your use cases and tailor the trainings to your specific needs. We also provide implementation support for the product.

Does the solution run on Dynamics 365 on-premises and the cloud?

Yes. There are options for on-premise as well, such as upload and download.

Is there a maximum number of integrations that can be done with your solution?

No limits! We do not limit the number of integrations you set up with Connectivity Studio per legal entity.

Does the solution undergo regular software/application updates?

Yes. The target date for the monthly update is the first working day of the month.

Can I migrate data from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 and also do large data exports with Connectivity Studio?

Yes! You can migrate data from any legacy system, including Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009, and 2012, to Dynamics 365 F&O. Data from other ERPs can also be migrated to D365. When configuring such imports, you can choose to migrate data to one company or multiple legal entities, as required. You can do large data exports as well since we do not limit the size of the export in Connectivity Studio.

What kind of capabilities should a person have in order to use Connectivity Studio?

There are no specific hand skills needed. Knowledge of Dynamics 365 F&SCM is sufficient to help you map the integration specifications. Knowledge of which connector types to choose while setting up an integration helps as well. Overall, a familiarity with the systems landscape and integration methods helps – no hard skills required, otherwise.

Take a closer look at Connectivity Studio

Explore how you can easily migrate data, configure any integration of your choice, and also connect with the world outside Dynamics 365 with an advanced integration, migration, and mapping tool that helps you connect your ERP to your supply chain effortlessly. 


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Jerry Caous

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