New Version of Business Integration Solution for Microsoft D365FO

Apr 24, 2018 11:38:27 AM

New Version of Business Integration Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365FO Now Available

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Business Integration Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations update 3 and higher. This release not only addresses pertinent issues related to data model amongst many others, but we have also created some data migration features. Additionally, a lot of improvements and fixes have been added to the current release, too many to list them all.

Here are the key new functionalities in this release:

  1. Speed-up your data migrations from legacy Microsoft Dynamics AX versions
    Imagine that you recently joined a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations implementation project. Your job is to take care of the data migration from a legacy Microsoft Dynamics AX versions. The data migration involves about 2000 tables. It’s enough to make you want to turn around and walk out the door again, right? Half those migrations are probably straight forward. But what if you could automate those straight forward mappings as much as possible? The answer is: Yes, you can using the ODBC mapping generator. But wait a minute, now we can speed-up the data migration development time but how about the data migration run-time before go-live? All you need to do is, run the data migration as ‘normal’ once and before go-live run the data migration as ‘delta’. This ‘delta’ run will only run pre-selected messages, for instance: Open invoices.
  2. Easily share your Business Integration Solutions projects with your customers
    • You can now export your project without environment specific properties – in other words without passwords. From now on, no more worries about leaking confidential information.
    • You can deploy your Business Integration Solutions project together with your source code using resources. This makes your Business Integration Solutions project read-only and with that you can safely deploy Business Integration Solutions projects to your customers’ environment. This is ideal for Microsoft Dynamics AX partners because you can always go back to the original state of the Business Integration Solutions project.
    • You can compare Business Integration Solutions project versions to easily find the differences. In this case, you can safely share Business Integration Solutions projects with your customers without destroying information.
  3. Simplify the field mapping for functional users without access to a development environment
    For more information on additional improvements and fixes, please make sure you read the release notes and supporting documentation before installation. Help documentation for Business Integration Solutions is available on the WIKI.Should you have any more queries, please contact To-Increase.
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Pieter de Jong

Pieter de Jong

Business and Application Integration Specialist Pieter translates the business requirements of the industries and companies To-Increase serves into functionality in our Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX. His specialized skills include model-driven development, Javascript, Java, HTML, XML, Visual Studio, and Eclipse. Before Pieter joined the team at To-Increase, he spent a career of close to 20 years as a software engineer and developer at Baan Info Systems and in other companies.

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