23 September 2016

Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and To-Increase solutions



Enabling business transformation with To-Increase innovation and Microsoft Dynamics 365

For To-Increase, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a natural fit. As mentioned in an earlier blog post on Dynamics 365, some of our solutions have already been modular and workload-focused for many years. There are many possible ways to align and connect our software tools with Dynamics 365 to enable our customers and partners to accomplish more, with greater flexibility and efficiency. We are currently evaluating and planning the most valuable and practical options.

Let’s take a closer look at how To-Increase solutions, Dynamics 365, and surrounding technologies might join to help companies achieve the most powerful functionality and fuel their digital transformation.

Mobility becomes intelligent

At the core of our mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX is the AX Anywhere Framework. Using the Framework, ERP managers or companies’ technology providers can easily create or adjust mobile processes to fit their organization’s requirements. As the AX Anywhere Framework evolves to enhance the cloud ERP environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 with powerful mobility, it might also be used to create and publish PowerApps for Dynamics 365. You would then be able to build mobile processes for Dynamics 365 in the same design experience that you already rely on to augment Microsoft Dynamics AX.

As you likely know, many To-Increase industry solutions have a strong reporting and business intelligence component. We are considering moving those reporting capabilities into the realm of Microsoft Power BI and enhancing them with mobility. Because a common data model applies to Power BI as well as PowerApps, that could also mean enhanced reporting and business insight for manufacturers, architecture, engineering, and consulting (AEC) organizations, and other companies using Dynamics 365.

Connected, automated workflows

Another area of potentially valuable synergy exists between Dynamics 365, Microsoft Flow, and the To-Increase Business Integration Solutions. In Flow, you can build automated workflows that connect apps and services in various utilization scenarios, for instance, when certain production or quality thresholds are crossed in your manufacturing solution. One could link Flow with one of the Business Integration Solutions, such as Connectivity Studio, to automate data integrations. Or, integrate it with Data Migration Studio to create an automatic transfer of certain data from a legacy system into your current solution, and provide team members with notifications regarding the status and completion of this action.

Looking farther ahead, there could even be a way to deliver business advantages by connecting Flow with To-Increase RapidValue, our business process management (BPM) solution, to execute workflows and processes modeled in RapidValue. We are already bringing our BPM approach to Dynamics 365 through the RapidValue BPM Suite. This may well be an application area that offers much additional potential.

What would you like to see in To-Increase’s innovation roadmap for solutions that complement and extend Dynamics 365? Please tell us. Get in touch with your ideas, questions, or feedback or contact To-Increase.

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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