Connectivity Studio

Systems Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX

One of the most advanced systems integration solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics AX, To-Increase Connectivity Studio offers a manageable, business-focused way to simplify the setup and management of integrations between your ERP and other business systems.

Connectivity Studio enables integrations with a wide variety of systems, including other ERP systems, financial planning systems, PLM systems, and enterprise application integration (EAI) systems, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server. The solution’s advanced mapping capabilities let you configure integrations without dealing with the complexities of the data model in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Connectivity Studio improves systems integration management by reducing the busywork and by increasing the reliability, consistency, and reusability of system integration projects and data synchronization.

Important systems integration scenarios for Connectivity Studio include integration with mobile field-service solutions, syncing of data across eCommerce and multi-channel retail, integration with PLM systems for better collaboration between sales and engineering, and managing the interactions and updates between the back office and retail locations.

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Connectivity Studio: Systems Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Integration without coding

In Connectivity Studio, you can create and modify systems integration projects by means of standardized, rapid configuration.

Syncing between applications

Using Connectivity Studio, you can import and sync large masses of data and huge files, keep data synchronized between applications, and opt for periodic instead of real-time synchronization for better performance.

Full AX interoperability

Unlike systems integration tools that do not integrate fully or do not follow business rules, Connectivity Studio fully integrates with Dynamics AX and supports the AX data model, requiring administrators to set definitions once only.

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