7 January 2021

To-Increase’s 5 business blogs that you liked the most in 2020!

One of the key facets of marketing that I’m highly passionate about is content marketing. And though the world of content marketing has been evolving at an alarming pace — and even more so in the recent times — I still think that an organization’s inbound marketing efforts cannot be deemed as comprehensive, unless it leverages blogging effectively. … So much so, that I even take the liberty to assume that most of us reading this blog currently may have likely seen “blogging” rise, unfold, evolve, and/or sustain dramatically in the last two decades. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine that it all started with “weblog,” a term that was perhaps only coined in 1997, and later shortened to “blog” in 1999.

As for the year 2020, we at To-Increase did make substantial progress in improving the overall quality and value of our blogs even further, as we let the customer-centric approach continue to inspire and dictate our efforts. As To-Increase unleashes its full growth potential in 2021, while I’m excited about upping the ante for our blogging journey in 2021 even further, it’s also hard not to reflect on, be empathetic about, and consider the global effects of the pandemic in the bygone year and beyond. However, continuing with positivity and hopefulness, let’s take a look at To-Increase’s 5 business blogs that you liked the most in 2020:

1.     What are the key advantages of DynaRent’s Equipment Lifecycle Management?

What is equipment lifecycle management and why is it critical? What are the different stages in DynaRent Equipment Lifecycle Management and how they can help rental companies succeed?

2.    5 Challenges of Master Data Management Implementation

In a world where data is the most powerful asset for business growth, Master Data Management (MDM) is a core function of every business. Let us look at the common challenges you might face during the implementation of MDM.

3.    To-Increase is unleashing their full growth potential

To-Increase will further invest and innovate in domains and offerings, of Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Equipment Rental, Application, and Business Integrations, Enterprise Mobility, Business Productivity, and Business Intelligence and Analytics. Learn more!

4.    Top 4 Benefits of PLM-ERP Integration

What are PLM and ERP? Which comes first? … PLM or ERP? Why does a business need PLM-ERP integration, and what are the benefits of the integration? Learn all this and much more!

5.    5 Primary Challenges of Implementing EDI

In a world where the amount of data is growing at a rate of knots, EDI helps in streamlining the supply chain management cycle seamlessly. However, the same data growth could be a major challenge in implementing EDI. Here are a few common EDI challenges.

Needless to add, I’m excited and positive about how our blogging journey at To-Increase will likely evolve even further in 2021 and beyond.

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Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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