20 October 2022

To-Increase Enhances MDM Studio for D365 with Dynamic Field Security

To-Increase Launches Dynamic Field Security Feature for MDM Studio (Dynamics 365 F&O)

Dynamic Field Security will help MDM Studio users add a layer of content-based and record-based table and field security to the management of their master data.  

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, October 2022 — To-Increase, a trusted Microsoft ISV and global SaaS leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, is happy to announce the launch of its new field security feature, ‘Dynamic Field Security’ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Designed to be a valuable addition to our master data management solution MDM Studio, this widely requested feature will enable our customers to secure their master data, protect, edit, or conceal any table or field in the master data record, and restrict users from changing master data details without authorization, thus ensuring effective governance of data.  

Dynamic Field Security offers MDM Studio customers a configurable option to manage field-level security of their master data records. The feature has been designed to help customers resolve data security differences in their global and local companies, and therefore complements our other solutions in the Master Data Management Suite, such as Data Quality Studio and Data Entry Workflow.

Dynamic Field Security will initially be available as a preview for our existing as well as new MDM Studio customers.

How does Dynamic Field Security add value to MDM Studio?

Dynamic Field Security helps you determine which legal entity and/or master data company controls which fields in the master data records. For example, you can select a customer table or specific fields and specify the conditions in which it will be locked for edits. It is also possible for you to hide one or more fields on the form. Depending on the scenario, a user who does not have edit rights can use the Change Request feature of MDM Studio, in case of locked fields. 

Dynamic Field Security adds value to the data distribution feature of MDM Studio by enabling users to control which fields are to be managed from a global level, as well as on a local level.

Most importantly, the feature enables administrators to set up field security rules dynamically. 

Real-life use case 

While creating your master data (such as a customer), you will find that the majority of the fields would be applicable to any company. However, there may be some exceptions – for example, the Sales Tax and Payment Terms might be controlled by each individual legal entity.

With Dynamic Field Security, you can ensure that the local company will not be able to change the globally managed data but will be able to control the local fields.

In this way, each legal entity can be made the owner of a particular set of customers. This means that the field security setup can be done with conditions on the record level.

What makes Dynamic Field Security unique?

Although standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you field-level security to control access to field values as well as field permissions, the rules per legal entity remain static throughout. Dynamic Field Security overcomes this limitation by offering users the flexibility to set up data security rules, access or edit individual fields or even change field security rules in the future, as per evolving company requirements.

Being a dynamic feature, Dynamic Field Security works equally for both centralized and de-centralized master data ownership scenarios in an organization. It gives you the option to define conditional and record-based security on your master data records.

Standard security in Dynamics 365 gives you the rights to either edit an entire table or column, or not at all. With Dynamic Field Security, you get the option of editing individual records or portions of these records while keeping others locked as required.

To know more about the features and benefits of Dynamic Field Security for MDM Studio, download our factsheet


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