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Efficiently manage your security & compliance within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Reduce risks and ensure smooth setup of security definitions and policies in accordance with industry-leading compliance requirements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management.

Why should you use Security and Compliance Studio?

What to expect from the key features?

Key Feature

Role-based Security Management

Security and Compliance Studio (SCS) allows you to optimize user rights by recording the user's business processes and converting them into required duties, privileges, and permissions with minimum necessary access levels. With its match role feature, you can assign the exact matching role needed to perform given business processes. This substantially reduces the time required to define security setup. 


Key Feature

In compliance with regulations like SOX and GDPR

With enhanced segregation of duties (SoD), you can define SoD violation rules not only at the duties level but at the level of privileges and menu items. Security and Compliance Studio provides a comprehensive view of the consequences of adding new privileges to roles and duties. The solution is perfect for users to help establish security policies that comply with GDPR, ISO, or similar quality management standards. 


Key Feature

License Optimization

License Optimization Workspace enables organizations to optimize the licensing costs for Dynamics 365 F&SCM. With Security and Compliance studio, you get a detailed view of the current license usage and can even optimize your licensing, so none of your employees have privileges they don't need, and you don't end up with a more expensive license than you need. 


Key Feature

Audit logs and Security snapshots

Security and Compliance Studio lets you continuously track and trace security audit logs, ensuring audit compliance. The solution enables to capture and compare security snapshots, offering a detailed view of enterprise security at any given time. The feature provides complete visibility over who can access what data or previously had access to it. 


Stay secure, while being compliant with Security and Compliance Studio

Prevent any security-related errors, data misuse, and fraud with easy security role-based setup and audit management.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you protect your data?

Establishing the right security policies and complying to GDPR regulations can help protect your organization’s sensitive data.

How Does Segregation of Duties Help Meet Compliance Requirements?

Security and Compliance Studio ensures the segregation of duties is simple and easy. It provides the appropriate level of protection to the key information in your ERP system by controlling who has access to what data.

How can I manage access and security roles without adding to the cost?

This is where a solution that will automatically lead you through the process and ensure that the data is secure can help.

Why should I consider Security and Compliance Studio for Dynamics 365?

Having a proper regulatory compliance solution can help reduce related costs largely by helping prevent any data misuse and fraud.

Take a closer look at Security and Compliance Studio

Discover how you can achieve compliance and safeguard your organization’s data effortlessly in a single solution built for Dynamics 365 ERP.


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