19 May 2022

To-Increase Strengthens Its Master Data Management Suite with Data Entry Workflow

Data Entry Workflow

Developed on popular demand, Data Entry Workflow helps business users on Dynamics 365 ERP streamline their master data creation process for a holistic MDM experience 

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, May 2022 — To-Increase is pleased to announce the launch of its latest solution, ‘Data Entry Workflow’ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Designed for the first stage of the master data lifecycle, this solution will enable our customers to create, update, and approve master data records while ensuring seamless user collaboration.  

The Data Entry Workflow software is an intrinsic part of the To-Increase Master Data Management Suite that takes us a step further in realizing our master data management vision. A one-of-its-kind solution in the market today, Data Entry Workflow automates the process of entering data end-to-end within Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. It allows the master data to be entered sequentially or simultaneously by various users and then approved before releasing it.

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The story behind Data Entry Workflow 

In an attempt to help To-Increase's customers achieve their data governance objectives, the company successfully developed the Master Data Management Suite, comprising the MDM Studio and the Data Quality Studio, which have helped organizations synchronize and distribute quality data. 

However, before distributing master data, it was important for customers to first receive the correct and approved master data that has been created or imported. They also felt it was necessary to have multi-user contribution in creating master data as there would always be a lot of fields to be filled in during data entry, which cannot be managed by one resource alone. 

Data Entry Workflow promises to fill this gap in the master data lifecycle. It completes the MDM architecture by providing configurable workflow templates that enable business users to easily enter, update, correct, or copy data before it reaches the approver for a final validation.

How can Data Entry Workflow benefit you? 

When it comes to master data creation, no single business function or user can be held solely responsible for the task. A fully configurable solution like Data Entry Workflow eliminates the ambiguity in the process and helps establish a workflow for master data entry and approval, with defined responsibilities for multiple users. Below are some of the solution’s key benefits: 

Smoother and accurate data entry 

With the Data Entry Workflow, data entry can be made easy and hassle-free with configurable workflow templates. The users can collaborate in the creation of master data records, ensuring that there is only a single source of truth. As approvals are part of the workflow, you can be sure that the master data records are reliable, validated and complete. 

Multi-user support 

Data Entry Workflow allows the collaboration of multiple users working on the same data set, in a pre-defined workflow. Data records can be entered in a linear flow (one user at a time) or in a parallel flow (where users enter values into the templates for their specific department or domain simultaneously). 

Workflow template designer 

With the Data Entry Workflow, you can create and maintain multiple data entry workflow templates as per your unique business needs. The template designer allows you to define various steps with the required fields, set up user assignments, set time limits, and manage the approval process. You can also determine which templates can be started from existing forms in the application. 

Defined approval process 

In the Data Entry Workflow, an approver will be able to validate the most important fields and request for a change where required. The approver will also be able to approve, reject, or delegate the data update task to another user. Any data entry provided by users will be logged with a timestamp and template step details for audit purposes. 

Improved data entry experience 

In Data Entry Workflow, business users will have an easy-to-understand, compact data entry form to work with, instead of standard master data forms that could be overwhelming to use. They would not only receive notifications on assigned tasks but will also have the option to complete a step at one go or to complete it in multiple iterations. 

Begin your MDM journey with Data Entry Workflow 

If you have Dynamics 365 as your central ERP system, you might be aware of the current limitations in F&O when it comes to building new master data. Data Entry Workflow, therefore, gives your organization a competitive advantage by helping you create your master data in the right way. It has been designed as a fully configurable, no-code solution that does not require development efforts or any technical knowledge on the part of the business users. Moreover, you can engage multiple users simultaneously to work on the same data set — ranging from the product or the sales team to the financial and the logistics team — thus reducing the master data creation time significantly.

To know more about the features and benefits of Data Entry Workflow, download our factsheet.


The Master Data Management Suite 

Data Entry Workflow complements our other solutions in the Master Data Management Suite – Master Data Management Studio, and Data Quality Studio. Together, they help you realize the four key steps to fully govern your master data: creation, quality, distribution and control. While Data Quality Studio can be used to validate the data entered, Data Entry Workflow ensures that the master data is completed and approved before being distributed via the MDM Studio. 

Nevertheless, Data Entry Workflow for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is available for purchase independently. If you would like to see the solution in action, please book a demo with our experts today. 

To know more about the features and benefits of Data Entry Workflow, download our factsheet or visit our product page here.

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Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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