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Dynamic Security Management

Dynamic Security Management

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase Dynamic Security Management is an innovative solution that greatly enhances the security setup and monitoring of Microsoft Dynamics AX, through the improved segregation of duties.

Internal data theft and the malicious use of data from ERP systems is an increasing problem that can lead to a deterioration of customer and vendor relationships, as well as financial loss. Often there is a lack of security management skills in house or the ERP system was not configured to the right level of security during implementation which leaves your data at risk. Dynamic Security Management ensures the segregation of duties is simple and easy, and provides the appropriate level of protection of the key information in your ERP system, by controlling who has access to what data.

Setting up security roles and managing user licenses is an immensely time consuming task that requires many hours of consultancy services. The Dynamic Security Management solution from To-Increase provides a simpler alternative. Dynamic Security Management is an innovative matching solution in AX which will automatically lead you through the process and enable you to ensure that your ERP data is secure.

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Dynamic Security Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX