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Improve the speed and accuracy of in-store processes with our mobile solution

Harness the power of mobility to maximize efficiency of retail processes, access up-to-date information and streamline in-store operations

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Why should you use our solution?

Optimize stock management

Optimize stock management

Ensure stock control with a complete and updated view of the on-hand prices, sales & promotions, enable inventory tracking with multiple users at the same time and obtain full item information with a single scan.

Improve receipt accuracy

Improve receipt accuracy

Enable speeding up item receipts from multiple distribution sources in a few steps to improve accuracy on item receipts and to verify every item or mixed pallet receipt in a single step, as per your preference.

Print labels in real-time

Print labels in real-time

Access current item information to print updated product or shelf labels & enable receiving of information in advance to order labels for upcoming promotions. You can also print price labels in just few steps.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Embedded within Dynamics 365 F&SCM

Anywhere for Retail is a D365 F&SCM integrated retail scanning solution that helps you save time and money by allowing real-time entries into D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management for efficient in-store operations.

Key Feature

Web-based application independent of OS

Anywhere for Retail is a web-based app that can run in Android, iOS, Windows CE or Windows Mobile environments without the need for additional software, and can also be installed as a standalone Android app.

Key Feature

Responsive display for any modern device

Anywhere for Retail is a responsive app that fits automatically to the device screen size and can run on any device that has a modern browser. Device-specific dimensions can also be configured for a better view.


Anywhere for Retail Factsheet

A retail scanning mobile solution designed to help you optimize your in-store retail inventory operations, Anywhere for Retail is a web-based application embedded in Dynamics 365 F&SCM that can help you ensure better stock control and reduced process costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which standard D365 F&SCM processes are being supported in Anywhere for Retail?

Anywhere for Retail supports the following processes, all based on WMS1: Item receiving from purchase and transfer orders; Create and ship transfer order; Item ordering (from DC); Item purchasing; Tag counting; Inventory adjustment and movement; and more.

Do you recommend certain mobile devices?

Anywhere for Retail is a web based application and it can run on almost any modern mobile device with a browser. However, certain minimum browser requirements must be met: 1. HTML – version 4 and above 2. CSS – version 2 and above 3. JavaScript –no specific version 4. ECMAScript – v5 and above. The following versions of the most popular browsers are supported: 1. IE9 and above 2. Chrome 30.x.xx and above 3. Safari - iOS 9.3.5 and above.

Does the solution run on-premises or on the cloud?

Anywhere for Retail can be deployed on Azure, as well as on on-prem environment.

Does Anywhere for Retail undergo regular software/application updates?

Yes. We update the product 1 to 2 times per quarter to support the latest D365 F&SCM GA version. Every Anywhere release is backward compatible with at least 3 version behind of D365 F&SCM.

When using your solution do we require Microsoft Standard license?

"Yes, for most of the process you will need a license of type Team member or Operations-Activity.

Can Anywhere for Retail be used offline?

Anywhere for Retail is built inside D365 and always need live connection. The user will always read and update live data immediately.

How can we print Labels from Anywhere for Retail?

We use our own functionality to connect and send text files in ZPL language directly to compatible Zebra label printers.

How will you support us in educating our team to make use of Anywhere for Retail?

As part of the implementation we always provide key user training on the full standard functionality of Anywhere for Retail. Additional training on demand is possible anytime.

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