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Electronic Document Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Enable quick and accurate data interchange

Streamline the Entire Electronic Data Interchange Process

Simplify the communication and collaboration using electronic data interchange by making the process more efficient. This will lead to the mitigation of risks in the standard operations and communication channels by supporting the multi-entity interchange of data and files. Risk management can lead to a reduction in costs and help ensure the security of operations.

Optimize supply chains via order automation, sales order validation, and purchase order confirmation. You can also clearly communicate the costing and pricing principles to all the entities involved in the entire transaction from start to end. This will help in the overall resolution of errors in the whole process.

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Our ERP infrastructure gives us the flexibility to manage and grow our business with great efficiency. We can easily make adjustments to it when our requirements change. It helps us keep pace with the market and succeed as a competitive company that provides the highest possible value to its customers and trading partners.

― Kees van Rijn,

EDP Controller,

Business integration solutions - Across all systems

Improve interaction across multiple channels

One vital characteristic of businesses benefiting from systems integration is the ability to convert relevant data into actionable insights. Enhance your product and service offerings, systems integrations, and the availability of data intelligence.

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Jim Schwab

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