19 January 2015

Integration without tears: How Business Integration Solutions help you

Integration without tears: How Business Integration Solutions help you

In today’s best-of-the-blog compilation, we present a few practical posts that take you through the steps of using To-Increase Connectivity Studio and Web Service Studio in such frequent business scenarios as integrating the ERP system with your CRM and PLM software, and taking advantage of web services to help people do their jobs and integrate applications.

We originally wrote these blog posts based on our notes from customer conversations and customers’ experiences in using our Business Integration Solutions. As far as we can tell, there are many IT managers trying to accomplish very much the same integration tasks, so we thought it might be a good idea to combine these articles and point them out again. The first three posts provide detailed, illustrated how-to guidance. The last post introduces Web Service Studio in summary fashion:

  • 4 simple steps get your Microsoft Dynamics AX data export done in less than a day, instead of weeks: How can I use To-Increase Connectivity Studio to integrate and sync my ERP and CRM systems without spending too much time?
  • How to Integrate Your Web Services with Microsoft BizTalk in Five Easy Actions: How do I integrate web services created with Web Service Studio with another application such as BizTalk, and how do I deploy and test this integration?
  • To-Increase Web Service Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX Eases the Creation and Deployment of High-Value Web Services: What is Web Service Studio, how does it help me support my business, and what resources are available to me?

Bookmark this blog post to keep the resources at hand. We promise to keep the posts available on our site as long as they are current and there is any interest.

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