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Food Warehousing and Distribution

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Designed to serve the many different companies in the food supply chain, To-Increase Food Warehousing and Distribution lets you provide outstanding delivery services with the most efficient use of resources and equipment.

Growers, wholesale distributors, and other companies that need to bring goods to customers, can deploy Food Warehousing and Distribution to achieve the highest return from their distribution assets and processes. When you deploy the solution, you can plan the fastest delivery routes and optimize distribution planning to support customers’ requirements and preferences. Using Food Warehousing and Distribution, you can save time and eliminate delivery errors by implementing standing orders for your customers, and you can further boost the efficiency of loading and delivery by staging different types of products.

With complete lot tracing and container tracking combined with fast, accurate picking, staging, and loading, you can maintain a high level of transparency while you enable your warehouse workers to function at top productivity. Correct bills of lading and continuous product lot tracing also help you resolve compliance concerns.

You can combine Food Warehousing and Distribution with our Business Central Anywhere – Logistics mobile solution to implement an easy-to-use, complete, and dedicated warehouse management system that supports all your distribution processes.

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Food Warehousing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Customer-oriented distribution

Create customer-specific delivery schedules in Food Warehousing and Distribution, including set days for standing orders, and use product lot preferences to indicate the age, freshness, or quality levels of the goods to be sent to customers.

Sales order management

In Food Warehousing and Distribution, you can generate and edit sales orders for all standing orders within selected parameters. Sales orders include route and stop data from customers’ master records.

Delivery trip management

Route planners can easily set up trips, and, in a single screen, manage orders, equipment, drivers, picking, loading, shortages, routing, and other aspects of delivery before reviewing returning paperwork and adjusting orders per trip before invoicing happens.

Container management

Pack and ship items to customers’ specifications in any type of container you care to set up, including pallets. You can also use containers for storing and receiving items. Based on containers’ license plates, you can track them and their content, manage returns and maintenance with detailed container histories, and link lots to containers to enable container-specific lot tracking.

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