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Release Information

Release updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM and BC

Release information for To-Increase D365 Business Central and D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management solutions

This page provides you, as a customer or partner, insight into two aspects of the To-Increase solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain and Business Central; deviation from the monthly cadence (if any) and compatibility with Microsoft releases.

This page is updated on the first working day of the month, as those days are the official release dates of our solutions. To-Increase provides this information in order for customer and partners to better plan updates, both from To-Increase solutions as well as Microsoft. When you apply a new update from either Microsoft or a To-Increase solution we highly recommend to validate the working of your business processes before updating your production environment.

Deviations from the target date 

The column "Planned next" in the table lists the deviations per product (if any) for the target date as listed in the  release policy. Deviations are either a later date then the target date, or no update is planned for the current month. 

D365 F&SCM

-  The column "Minimum required" lists the minimum update of D365 F&SCM that is required per product.
-  The column "Latest validated" lists the highest D365 F&SCM update against which compatibility has been validated.  
-  Compatibility with D365 F
&SCM is validated each month as part of the PEAP program. To-Increase strives to have this validation done within 2 weeks after Microsoft has made a PEAP update available. This way, you know before an update from Microsoft becomes generally available if there any compatibility issues for that update.
-  The column "Impediments?" lists if incompatibility issues have been found for one or more specific D365 F&SCM updates. 
-  The Planned next column only contains a date if the target date for the releases (see here) is not made. The date shown will be the release date for the next update.
-  Latest available TI-Version shows the version number of the last available update of our product.

Release info D365 F&SCM 03112021


D365 Business Central

For Business Central a similar structure is made. There are fixed release-dates that, when not met, will be mentioned in the table below. Note that for our current BIS, Anywhere, PE and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing solutions, the monthly release cadence can be met. For our Food solution this is not yet the case per 1-1-2021, we will update the release information page and the table shown below with specific information when possible.

Release info Business Central 03112021


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Martijn Botje

Release Director