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Equipment maker extends ERP across the globe with To-Increase Replication Management

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Worldwide equipment maker syncs data across 19 countries, streamlines internal and external information exchanges

Privately held AVK Group manufactures valves, hydrants, controls, and accessory equipment used in water and gas distribution, water treatment, sewage processing, fire protection systems, and industrial architecture. The company also serves such markets as chemical processing and marine. As a global enterprise, AVK needs to find ways to plan and manage its activities in a coordinated, strategic manner and share production and other business data across its many locations through a central data management strategy. Simplifying communications and large numbers of document exchanges is also a concern.

Software and Service

To-Increase EDI Studio

To-Increase Replication Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Country or Region

Headquartered in Galten, Denmark; active in 85 countries


Discrete manufacturing and distribution

Company size

3,100+ employees


AVK had already deployed discrete instances of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its ERP system in many locations. After reviewing possible options, including developing the needed capabilities in-house, AVK implemented and integrated To-Increase EDI Studio and To-Increase Replication Studio with Dynamics NAV.


Across AVK locations in 19 different countries, AVK relies on Replication Management to broadcast business data in a consistent, efficient manner. In addition, EDI Studio facilitates fast exchanges of purchase and sales documents within the company’s entities and with customers and suppliers.

Main benefits include:

  • Standard, easy-to-manage solution for central data management
  • Better resource-efficiency and ROI from using a packaged, best practice-based solution as opposed to creating software within the company
  • Effective connection among the company sites that each have their own Dynamics NAV database
  • Continued use of preferred ERP system while overcoming a limitation of Dynamics NAV
  • Efficient, reliable information exchanges among AVK locations as well as with customers and vendors

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The To-Increase solutions helps AVK resolve issues and reach their goals.

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