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Business Integration
Replication Management

Replication Management

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central

To-Increase Replication Management simplifies data management as you collect, sync, share, and publish business information to subscribers within and outside of the company. You perform data management tasks such as defining and publishing information right in Dynamics Business Central.

When you use Replication Management and its simple hub-and-spoke model to implement efficient data management, you can easily establish a common master data definition and set best practices for sharing company information. You can reliably disseminate information to customers and partners at the right time and develop a standard of accountability in data management and disclosure. Standardized, role-based change management and approvals help employees communicate accurate data to colleagues and customers. By synchronizing data from local applications into a common data repository and broadcasting it to subscribers, you overcome informational silos that impede collaboration among company teams and with other organizations.

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Replication Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central