EDI Studio

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase EDI Studio simplifies communications and collaboration among companies through electronic data interchange (EDI). It supports the AX data model and promotes low-overhead administration with standard configurations, tracking, and control capabilities.

Companies generally use EDI Studio to integrate their ordering and invoicing with the processes of customers, suppliers, and distribution centers, and make them more efficient, more dependable, and easier to administrate. The solution also integrates EDI communication with standard Dynamics AX. Business stakeholders can take ownership of EDI exchanges and easily resolve errors, which are generally non-technical.

EDI Studio helps you control the costs and minimize the risk in common processes and communications. The many common usage scenarios for EDI Studio include optimizing the supply chain through automatic ordering, exchanging intercompany orders and other documents across separate instances of Dynamics AX, validating sale orders and purchase order confirmations, processing of large order volumes, and broadcasting pricing and product updates to retail POS systems.

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EDI Studio for Microsoft Dynamics AX