1 July 2019

Struggling with Data Accuracy, Visibility, Security, & Compliance?

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Struggling with Data Accuracy, Visibility, Security, and Compliance? MDM Is the Answer!

While master data management or MDM is a relatively new concept, it has made an impression in the world of data. That is because MDM helps take data, which has been the currency for business decision makers, and make it clear, true, and trackable. When organizations take a strategic approach to master data management, they can benefit from overall optimized operations. This happens because MDM provides a single source of truth when it comes to the organization’s data, and this adds value to all the stakeholders.


For instance, complete and qualitative customer and product data can help all stakeholders take the right decision and action. Here is how MDM can help you overcome your struggles with data accuracy, visibility, security, and compliance:

Accuracy: Can you imagine billing or invoicing a customer when you do not have the right information? The answer would be no. You would probably spend hours tracking the right paperwork, emails, and information to ensure that you do it right. With MDM, this would become part of the system. You not only would be able to access accurate data but also view the changes (if any) that it has gone through.

Visibility: There are many touchpoints in an organization where the customer interacts, and all these avenues should have visibility to data about the customer. Without the right information, the experience would be bad for the customer and harmful to the company. Imagine that you are a loan company and the customer has already defaulted in another department, but your division does not know, and you end up giving the customer another loan. MDM would ensure that data has visibility so that you can avoid such situations.

Security: One of the aspects of data that has become a matter of concern for everyone is the privacy and security aspect. It is important that any solution you have in place to manage data regulates access. MDM can help you do that, and the restrictions can be role or need-based. And this applies not only to access but also change requests.

Compliance: Today, the law of the land requires that certain data needs to be stored in a certain manner, and this could be audited to ensure that you are compliant. Without a proper solution in place, you would have to depend on paper records, email communications, and often the memories of your team. This may not be the best way to do it. MDM is a solution that keeps proper records of the changes made, and this documentation will help with compliance.

The way forward for your organization to deal with such vital aspects of data can be an effective master data management solution like MDM Studio. Want to learn how MDM will help you manage data effectively for your organization? Click here to talk to our experts who will guide you on the process.

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Jerry Caous,
Jerry Caous,
Sales Specialist Business Integration

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