17 August 2022

7 Benefits of Data Modeling Studio for Dynamics 365 ERP

Data preparation and extraction in Dynamics 365

The data in your ERP comes from diverse sources and in a variety of formats. When used in the right way, you could gain immense business value from this data. However, are you making the most out of your data yet? 

To make data effective for analytics, it needs to be cleaned, prepared, and extracted. The global data extraction market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 11.8% from 2020 to 2027, and reach $4.90 billion by 2027.

Data preparation and extraction in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not an easy task as you are required to use their data extraction framework with data entities, which is not just complex but also time-consuming.

Our Data Modeling Studio helps solve this core challenge by simplifying the entire data extraction process. Besides, it helps you model your raw, unstructured data into meaningful structured data making it suitable for your analytics requirements.

In this blog, we will dive deeper into the top seven benefits of Data Modeling Studio that can further boost your analytics journey.

What is Data Modeling Studio?

Data Modeling Studio is an end-to-end enabled analytics solution by To-Increase, that addresses the critical challenges of data preparation and makes the entire process simpler, besides enabling efficient data extraction as well. It is also compatible and completely native to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and here are the top seven features of DMS:

1. Easy and controllable Data export 

2. In-built master data validation 

3. Zero-programming setup 

4. Configurable data transformation options

5. Compatible with existing data entities and Dynamics 365 SCM (Supply Chain Management) 

6. High-performance analytics

7. Extensive logging and monitoring insights

Here’s a webinar that includes a detailed demo of Data Modeling Studio and how it helps with data extraction and preparation in Dynamics 365 F&SCM.
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What are the benefits of Data Modeling Studio?

Enable faster data preparation for analytics

One of the common challenges organizations face with achieving analytics today is wasting valuable time of their highly skilled workforce on repetitive tasks. For instance, many data scientists still spend most of their time on manual and monotonous data preparation tasks like loading, cleaning, and extracting data. There is a need for a solution that can enable faster and smoother processing of these steps.

Data Modeling Studio accelerates the speed to market on analytics delivery, reducing your analytics spend. As a result, you can have faster data and analytics enabling your business stakeholders to make key decisions in time.

Reduce dependency on the skilled workforce

Even with companies that consistently implement analytics, concerns exist. To unearth the true value of data, businesses mainly depend on data professionals' knowledge and require complex technology. Additionally, most are unsure of what to do with enormous amounts of data and have insufficient skills or analytics know-how to get started.

DMS is a complete data modeling tool that can help data scientists and other stewards simplify the processes of cleansing, preparing, and extracting data. This will help in reducing the dependency on the skilled workforce, thus increasing productivity and time to market.

Improve data quality

The data collected in an organization comes from multiple sources, has several missing fields, and is not clean. These are some challenges that lead to processing issues, making it hard to get quality data. Data extraction is a complex process, especially within Dynamics 365. It involves activities that must be managed meticulously and attentively. Even thorough work may lead to countless errors across all documents, which can cost your company heavily. Consequently, you end up getting wrong insights and results. Moreover, all the time and money you spend in the process go in vain.

DMS helps in pre-processing the data once it is extracted. This leads to improvement of the data quality for analytics and reduces the cost of analytics by saving the time for data processing. DMS also helps in modeling, cleansing, and preparing the data for your business intelligence needs.

Save time in translating business requirements

Here are some everyday things most organizations face when not employing analytics effectively:

  • Failing to make sense of business data 

  • Dealing with misleading revenue forecast models 

  • Overlooking micro mistakes 

  • Struggling to maintain customer satisfaction 

  • Tackling uncertainties related to customer retention, workforce, and processes

Most of the time, companies require developers to write code(s) to access data, which takes a lot of time and effort. You can imagine the developers would need to talk to analysts and businesspeople to translate this data. Everything going round as such doesn’t reduce the speed to analytics significantly. As a point-and-click solution, Data Modeling Studio helps you simplify this process so you can seamlessly manage your data preparation and extraction and get to analytics faster. It is user-friendly and can be used by business analysts, data scientists, IT developers, and database administrators.

Manage high volumes of data with ease

Data Modeling Studio lets you model, clean, transform, and combine your data by simplifying the entire data preparation and extraction process. It also processes large data volumes easily – an all-in-one self-service tool. By taking out the monotony and doing all the tedious work for you, it makes the data extraction process simple and fast, thus helping you save time, effort, and money.

Improve overall speed to analytics

Data entities are complex to deal with, and developers are required to create or change them, making it costly due to longer lead time and knowledge dependency.

Data Modeling Studio helps automate the modeling and extraction of data entities. It allows you to improve the overall quality of your data models and enables faster time to analytics. The tool helps in delivering new and enhanced data assets that are cleaner, more consistent, and fit for analytical requirements. Besides, it is user-friendly and allows everyone, including non-technical users, to do the job in just a few clicks.

Optimize end-to-end analytics

The Dynamics ecosystem consists of a variety of tools, but it can be difficult to choose one or combine a few and work together with them. Our Data Modeling Studio, together with Business Analytics Suite (BAS), takes care of those complexities. From preparing your data to making it actionable, our solutions help with the entire process end-to-end

DMS allows you to do some quality checks and ensure that the data you model is only quality data. It also gives good control in terms of data export. You can control the data type, process, and frequency of export. It also lets you track detail logs and export metadata at the click of a button.

Simplify your data preparation and extraction in D365

Data privacy or security issues are prevalent today. Moreover, the time, cost, and resources spent on mapping business and technical requirements can be painful, especially in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. Companies lack easy-to-use, self-serving, customizable solutions to turn data into actionable insights from start to end. 

After considering all these challenges that companies face in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’ve built two solutions in our analytics portfolio: Data Modeling Studio and Business Analytics Suite.

DMS aims to simplify your data preparation and export experience. It does not require you to code anymore. With simple point and click, it enables the analysts working inside Dynamics 365 to get more reliable and high-performing exports. This configurable solution reduces your dependency on developers and code-heavy data entities, thus also accelerating your speed to analytics.

If you’re keen to learn, here’s an article that will help you understand the cost of a data extraction solution such as DMS.

Ready for simpler and faster data extraction in Dynamics 365?

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