Business Analytics Suite

Optimize business outcomes with pre-built analytics

From data to insights to decisions, our flexible analytics packs help you reach business goals effectively.


Why should you use our solution?

Maximize asset performance

Faster speed to analytics

Tap into our diverse suite of pre-built analytics packs to gain insights into industries/domains rapidly. Customize with ease in Power BI or any other analytics engine of choice.


Quick-start your BI strategy

Our pre-packaged analytics solutions automatically get business intelligence and data management best practices enabled. From here on, you can continue building on or tailoring it to your needs.


Create a data-driven organization

Create a data-driven organization Take days, not months to setup analytics in your organization. Our industry-leading indicators and best practices help you reach business goals effectively.


Future-proof BI landscape for business needs

Business intelligence and analytics best practices, along with extensibility to advanced and predictive analytics come embedded in our out-of-the-box analytics suite.


Reduce data management and maintenance effort

Reduce data management and maintenance effort Industry-leading data warehouse architecture to help you manage a global information data model with ease, including updates and deprecations.


Take actions based on key business metrics

With business logic simplification and pre-built, out-of-the-box capabilities, key business metrics are at your fingertips to trigger actions to achieve business objectives.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Pre-built industry-leading analytics

 A wide variety of pre-built modeling and analytics packs for modules in the Finance and Supply Chain Management domain, as well as modules within the manufacturing and rental industries. Additionally, we provide data dictionaries to help you understand complex business processes easily and quickly put analytics to use in your business.


industry-leading analytics
Key Feature

Best practices that are configurable and extensible

A comprehensive data repository architecture with input, modeling, and output layers. Data from multiple sources is handled uniformly and managed processes are in place for handling a global information model.

Key Feature

Foundation for advanced and predictive analytics (IOT, ML, AI)

 Our modeling and analytics solutions provide a foundational framework for advanced and predictive analytics such as predictive maintenance, equipment optimization, next-best-action, etc. using underlying technologies such as the Internet of things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

predictive analytics

Areas of Expertise

Analytics Products

Business Analytics Suite

Future proof your business intelligence landscape and optimize your business outcomes with powerful and a platform-agnostic analytics suite. View this factsheet for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase all templates as part of the Business Analytics Suite?

No, you can purchase only the templates you need for your business and these are separately priced per template.

How is the licensing structured?

The analytics packages can be purchased stand-alone. As an add-on, if you are interested in data preparation and extraction capabilities, you can also purchase Data Modeling Studio.

Which additional Microsoft and Azure components do you need to subscribe for?

Azure SQL database and relevant Microsoft licenses (For example, if you choose to use ‘Analytics for Engineering Change Management', you will need the Microsoft license for that).

Can your analytics products be extended to further suit my business needs?

Yes, our products are built with business intelligence and analytics best practices in mind. Basic extensions to analytics can be done by business users themselves in Power BI, Excel or any other third-party visualization tool. Advanced extensions can be done within the data warehouse.