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What Factors Influence The Cost of Analytics and BI Solutions

When looking for an analytics and business intelligence solution, several factors come into play, such as:

  • Whether you need on cloud or on-premises
  • The number of companies/licenses in your system
  • The complexity of the requirements
  • Use of standard Microsoft tools or outsource to a partner
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Pricing for our Data Modeling Studio follows a tiered, license-based subscription pricing model. It means that you will pay per license, per company, and per month. The cost of your software typically depends on the number of companies using the solution within the Dynamics 365 F&SCM. So, as the number of companies increases, the average cost per company decreases.

For Business Analytics Suite, we follow a template-based model, where you are charged a monthly fee, depending on the analytics pack you are going for (industry or department-specific) and the number of companies/legal entities.

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How Can To-Increase Analytics and BI Solutions Help You? 


Simplify your analytics journey 
With easy-to-use analytics solutions embedded in Dynamics 365 ERP, you can efficiently implement analytics end-to-end, right from data preparation to visualizations.


Leverage pre-packaged analytics
Reduce and accelerate the number of steps involved in realizing analytics with pre-built, out-of-the-box templates with industry and department focus.

Less or no technical dependency-pricing-page

Less or no technical dependency
Our solutions are no-code and flexible, eliminating the need to rely on developers or technical teams to draw insights compared to Microsoft Data Management System Framework.

User-centric and innovative visualizations-pricing-page

User-centric and innovative visualizations
Enable better business moves by implementing the right recommendations with meaningful insights that are easy to understand and visualize.


Navigate data extraction challenges in Dynamics 365
Get rid of the limitations of working with complex data entities for data extraction in Dynamics 365 effortlessly


Enhanced data management
Manage large data volumes, gain complete database access, and reduce BI effort with pre-built F&SCM analytics and plug & play modules, simplifying your data landscape.

“We wanted to independently manage the table and field selections and the frequency at which the data would be refreshed. For instance, we wanted to work on any problem, new feature, or change in an application without third-party involvement. And Data Modeling Studio has done a great job providing that solution with the tool and post-live support,”
Jochem Mos,
Application Manager, Thermopatch International

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing model?

The pricing for the Data Modeling Studio (DMS) is based on the number of companies/legal entities in Dynamics 365. Whereas for our Business Analytics Suite (BAS), it is based on the number of templates, industry or department-focused.

Will I have to pay for any future updates or new features?

The subscription for the pricing already includes any new updates, features, and releases.

Will potential price changes affect the contract or renewals?

During the initial subscription period, the price will not change.

Are there any additional/hidden costs involved?

The users might need to get the SQL database and Power BI licenses if they already do not have them.

Can I use Data Modeling Studio and Business Analytics Suite for multiple environments?

Yes, you can. In each environment, the number of companies/legal entities are counted.

What level of technical support can I expect after purchase?

The users will receive complete support as required, be it training on certain aspects, workshops to help them understand the solution better periodically, and answer any queries they may have.

What are the set-up and training costs, if any?

On average, customers typically would need about one day of training, one day of the workshop, and a day of Q&A time to get the product up and running – these are charged on a need basis, and the customers can opt for it or not

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