18 November 2020

To-Increase Launches a New Solution, Data Insights Studio

Data Insights Studio

To-Increase is happy to announce the launch of our new solution, Data Insights Studio. 

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, November 18th, 2020In our continuous effort to offer solutions that simplify complexities and enhance business value, Data Insight Studio comes as a complete solution in our new business area, Analytics & Business Intelligence, for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers. 


Significance of Analytics & Business Intelligence today 

The need for Analytics and Business Intelligence is widely accepted today across the globeThe rapidly evolving world of Analytics & Business Intelligence has emphasized the need for visualization of business data and real-time data reports to make quick and accurate decisions. Every company holdtons of data associated with business transactions and day-to-day activities, but it is the right metrics that provide businesses with actionable insights to stay ahead of the competition.  

Business intelligence helps companies access and compare their past and present data to further help with the next crucial steps to be taken. They can assess their overall business performance to enable a more streamlined and efficient workflow in the organization. The future belongs to data-driven companies, where new analyses and KPIs providinsights into a rapidly changing world.  
Below are some of the key-ways Analytics & Business Intelligence can benefimodern-day businesses: 

  1. Tracking business performance
    2. Keeping an eye out for market trends and forecasting success 
    3. Optimizing operations 
    4. Comparing competitor data 
    5. Detecting problems early on and resolving on time 
    6. Evaluating customer behavior 

About Data Insights Studio

To Increase’s Data Insights Studio is a complete solution that enables you to access, visualize and utilize the data available across your organization to make impactful decisions that drive business.  

Data Insights Studio is a reporting & analytics solution with pre-built content for Microsoft Dynamics D365 Finance & Operations with the ability to easily include additional data from e.g. D365 for Sales and Talent, SharePoint and Excel. 

It ensures efficient and agile access to data and the ability to rapidly deliver high quality coherent data sets to the business for self-service. The solution provides out-of-box analysis based on built-in best practice data models for D365 Finance & Operations, covering currently 5 different functional areas including Finance, Sales, Inventory, Procurement, and Production with more to come. 

Here are some key benefits of the solution:   

Easy Access to Data on Cloud 

Organizations have been leveraging Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for a while. After moving their ERP to the cloud, extracting data out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become more complex nowWith Data Insights Studio, you get an easy access to all the necessary data on D365 required to generate reports 

Improved data quality 

Data Insights Studio helps businesses unify data from multiple systems and maintain a single source of accurate dataWith the Master Data Validation feature, you get an easily accessible process cycle that gives you a constant overview of the quality of your master data.  

Real business insights 

Data Insights Studio allows you to be more dynamic and agile. The out-of-the-box business insights dashboards for different business functions and industries help you analyze and improve business performance. Businesses can thoroughly assess their situation and make enhancements proactively based on the critical changes in the market. 

Empower the entire organization 

The solution offers powerful analytics that help you understand and meet the needs of different customers—thus, fast-tracking your user adoption. In addition to pre-defined content in corporate reports and dashboards, Data Insights Studio also include self-service Excel and Power BI templates are provided for self-service users to quickly adopt and exploit the common data model serving both corporate and self-service users alike. 


About To-Increase

Founded in 2005, To-Increase provides business software solutions to over 2200 mid-market and enterprise customers in 45 countries. Our asset-centric solutions include engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and renting or leasing assets. We also deliver customer-centric solutions that help companies align technology with strategic goals, operate more efficiently, and provide the best possible experience to their customers. Across devices, business locations, and work environments, To-Increase offerings help companies master their unique requirements with standardized technology that is easy and economical to deploy and maintain.

To-Increase is the only three-time Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year award winner and offers an impressive portfolio of industry, business, and technical productivity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.


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