To-Increase Item & Document Lifecycle Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central

Make lifecycle management of items and documents in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central easier and more consistent with Document Lifecycle Management for sales, purchase, service, and warehouse documents, and Item Lifecycle Management for items.

Document Lifecycle and Item Lifecycle Management let you advance workflows efficiently in an automated process that takes care of your more mechanical tasks. They provide an intuitive, graphical display of lifecycle states, warnings, and errors. You can quickly review records per state, and resolve warnings and errors. State settings trigger routine actions such as printing and posting .

The two applications are based on the To-Increase Workflow Framework, a component of the Solution Center in all our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Download the Item an Document Lifecycle Management factsheet


To-Increase Item & Document Lifecycle Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Task automation

Avoid disruptions to employee productivity by automating long-running functions such as posting to run in the background without impacting system performance.

Visual status display

An intuitive display of lifecycle states, warnings, and errors in the Document Lifecycle and Item Lifecycle applications lets you review the number of records per state and draws attention to warnings and errors outside of non-urgent item states.

Global initialize

For greater efficiency in the lifecycle management of items and documents, a global initialization function lets you set an initial state for a table or a record set when creating a new workflow. Or, you can reset the workflow state for a group of records.