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How Rental Business Intelligence Powers Your Overall Strategy

Monday, May 16
4pm CEST
Wouter van der Torre

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2019/05/16 04:00 PM

What You'll Learn In This Webinar

Rental Business Intelligence is specifically designed to help organizations in the rental sector to meet up with the challenges they face with regards to data analysis, reporting and insights. During this webinar, we will discuss the following topics and benefits in more depth:

  • By providing you with on-time and updated reports on the rental market, our solution enables you to focus on the right business strategy for your rental organization
  • How you can prepare for data mining and AI, view trends, plan on the assets that need to be acquired, optimum pricing packages, and route plans for asset movement
  • By ensuring that you are updated on the changing market and consumer trends, our solution helps you stay ahead of the competition and ensuring that your offerings are quick-to-market
  • By researching and collecting market best practices, our solution does the spadework for your operations.

About The Host

Wouter van der Torre
Pre-Sales Lead, To-Increase

Wouter van der Torre is the pre-sales lead for the Rental and Lease Management solution DynaRent for Dynamics 365 (and AX). Wouter has been working in Rental, Leasing & Services industries for over 12 years. During this period he built up a proven track record in implementing, supporting and advising the DynaRent for Dynamics solution of To-Increase, within numerous challenging organizations, operating in 15 different Rental, Leasing and Services industries.