Software Purchase Agreement (SPA) for To-Increase Customers

This agreement is used when conducting business directly between To-Increase and the user of To-Increase software (customer). It is not needed if you’re entering a partner agreement with To-Increase.

The Software Purchase Agreement (SPA) regulates the actual delivery of any software to you (the customer) directly. The SPA states the units of measures (such as the number of users, modules, or customers) for the relevant software. It thereby defines the amounts of licenses delivered to you (the customer). The commercial terms, including the agreed package and pricing, are added to an addendum to the SPA. Any further purchases of new licenses or other products will be added to new addendums as need be.

We intend to make this agreement as easy as possible and give you the most pleasant customer experience possible. We strive to make your purchase process directly with To-Increase as easy as taking a product from the shelves in the supermarket and buying it right away.

We have standardized and utilized terms based on marked standards to make the SPA as easy to understand as possible for both parties. The SPA uses terminology and conditions closely aligned with the language used by Microsoft. The Software Purchase Agreement has a close relationship with the To-Increase Standard License Terms (SLT).