Software License Terms (SLT) for To-Increase software users

The Software License Terms is our most frequently used and an essential contract document. The SLT governs the actual use of any To-Increase product(s), including how, when, and for what an end-customer can use them. ANY user must accept an SLT before using any To-Increase software.

The terms here are entirely standardized globally to ensure the customers enjoy an optimal user experience and that they all receive the same high level of commitment from To-Increase. To this end, the SLT is not negotiable as To-Increase must ensure a uniform and globally applicable usage of our products.

As a minimum requirement, a digital signature of the SLT is necessary when there is no Software Purchase Agreement (SPA) in place between the user of To-Increase software and To-Increase. 

Why are the SLT and SPA separate?

The core purpose of the SLT is to regulate software usage, while the SPA is in place to define the software delivery and units of measures. This distinction of agreements is because To-Increase offers multiple delivery options, but only a few usage options. To-Increase seeks to make the process of buying its software and services as easy as possible for its customers.