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Rental Business Intelligence

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Rental Business Intelligence (BI) empowers your equipment rental business with the right insights. You will be able to harness the power of timely business insights to make a considerable difference to your equipment rental business. You can use the data and insights to anticipate and solve problems instead of waiting a crisis to arise. Use business intelligence about the equipment rental business to digitally transform your business.

Benefit from the inside knowledge by dint of our extensive expertise and experience of having worked with many rental companies. Glean best practices from our insights and intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. Rental business intelligence gets you chance of glimpse in the future changes in the market; for instance, if there are price changes in the offing, you can update your customers about it. Make strategic decisions are based on data. With the use of DynaRent BI, you can get access to most of latest data about the industry; just add your strategic differentiator to make the right decision. Decision making becomes more scientific when they are led by intelligence and market inputs

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DynaRent Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


Market Insights

The solution provides you with on-time and updated reports on the rental market to enable focus on the right business strategy for your rental organization. Focus on your core business with all your resources and the addition of market insights to build up your equipment rental business.

Asset usage and metrics

You can get reports on the asset utilization, view trends, plan on the assets that need to be acquired, optimum pricing packages, and route plans for asset movement. When you have such information, it is easy to look at trends, predict seasonal changes, and plan well for these changes.

Changing customer needs

By ensuring that you are updated on the changing market and consumer trends, our solution helps you stay ahead of the competition and ensuring that your offerings are quick-to-market.

Knowledge on market best practices

By researching and collecting market best practices, our solution does the spadework for your operations. Create synergy with your deep domain expertise and the experience of being in the equipment rental industry.