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Oil and Gas

Forecast resource planning needs and spare parts replenishment well in advance


The oil and gas industry is characterized by delivering services and equipment for cleaning, testing, erecting, repairing and dismantling oil and gas field rigs and derricks, as well as pipeline-related services. It is important to have the service and equipment planning as efficient as possible and to guarantee the performance of the equipment during the complete equipment life cycle.

The common business requirements are register, schedule and execute preventive and corrective maintenance for equipment that either is located at the depot or is still being used at a job site. Equipment must be serviced within the correct time-based or consumption-based interval and within the possible service level agreement that is in place. Graphical plan board and intuitive mobile applications are key to support this industry.

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DynaRent has empowered us to focus even more on the quality of service we provide to our customers. Aspects like operations, transportation, service, and maintenance have been streamlined completely.

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Impacts you can anticipate with our oil and gas ERP solutions

Accurately forecast and automate crane rental projects

Accurately forecast and automate rental projects, and avoid “equipment onsite not in use” scenarios

Reduce equipment maintenance time and cost

Reduce maintenance time and cost with optimal service efficiency

Quickly reschedule and reallocate jobs, equipment, and resources

Equip planners to quickly reschedule and reallocate jobs, equipment, and resources, with system-wise updates

Graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport

Give planners graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport across locations

Compare project budget, informed adjustments 24-7

Compare project budget estimates to actuals and make informed adjustments 24/7

Equip your mobile workforce to access data anywhere

Equip your mobile workforce to access data anywhere, using any device

DynaRent Solutions Suite

DynaRent Solution Suite for Dynamics 365 (and AX)

DynaRent helps you through all the stages of the equipment rental business. Starting from getting your equipment rental-ready, to monitoring and streamline the usage when on-rent, picking them up during the off-rent and maintain them in the workshop, and enable fleet management to ensure you have the right equipment in the right place to efficiently provide equipment to your customers' worksite.

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