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High-tech Equipment and Medical Devices

Efficiently manage your revenue streams and recurring customer processes with ease

How Equipment Rental ERP Helps


Maximize profitability

A high-tech or medical equipment rental business needs to handle multiple, complex revenue and inventory tracking models. Manage sales and finances of varied revenue streams and contracts effectively.


Device visibility

Gain complete visibility into your devices across the entire supply chain and ensure efficient logistics management. Thus, be well-prepared to handle recalls, mass switch-outs, and service and maintenance.

Service efficiency and quality

Device lifecycle management

Manage your diverse range of high-tech and medical equipment across different stages of their lifecycles end-to-end—from manufacturing or procuring through service and maintenance, to the disposal. 

Streamlined, end-to-end regulatory, food safety compliance

Streamlined process

Streamline your entire rental process by keeping track of the right KPIs and critical business intelligence to gain insights into operating profitability. Thus, also improve transparency and customer experience.

Want to streamline inventory and logistics movements with better work order management and execution?

ERP Essentials for High-Tech and Medical Devices Companies

Planning to improve revenue streams for your fixed assets? Start with learning the features that you must consider in an ERP software to efficiently manage varied revenue streams, inventory and increase your company's bottom-line.

What DynaRent Offers

Manage diverse revenue streams

High-tech and medical equipment rental companies cater to a variety of customers that come from different industries. Manage varied sales packages and revenue models to be able to deal with your diverse customer base.

Project GrossMargin


Plan equipment rental

Optimally plan your resources (both employees and equipment), service and maintenance, and appropriate task allocation with our graphical planning tool, to enable a smooth rental process. As a result, reduce your costs and increase profitability.

DynaRent Service Planboard Overview

Enhance supply chain inventory

Improve your inventory management through complete visibility into the movement of your equipment across the supply chain. Track your equipment to avoid stock-outs and ensure an agile and efficient supply chain.

Mobile access for equipment rental logistics


Track equipment usage

Track the usage of your equipment to ensure that it is used as per the agreed terms. IoT helps in tracking location and extra usage data of equipment that you can charge accordingly to avoid losses.

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