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Tower Cranes

Manage complex tower crane rentals to balance profits with customer

Tower Crane Software for Dynamics 365

Most tower crane rentals are full-scale projects and call for dedicated tower crane software that integrates with ERP and goes well beyond quotes, contracts, and invoicing. A typical project can involve moving equipment from multiple depots to one location, mounting actual tower cranes, and scheduling manual operation, maintenance and often additional services. Rental cycles are long-term, so services are usually executed onsite.

Orchestrating all these “moving parts” requires detailed equipment and resource planning and advanced transport management. Current trends in the tower crane industry also put pressure on complex transport scenarios, which can involve international fleet management, diverse transport modes, and third-party carrier collaboration.

With DynaRent, tower crane companies have the tools needed to forecast, plan, and schedule equipment availability, transport, and setup. Graphical boards are designed to map resources for all work, including registering and scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance and other services. You can factor in all elements for service level agreements with ease and flexibility. And whether techs are working onsite or at depots, you can sharply reduce overhead and paper trails by equipping them with mobile applications for end-to-end workflow.

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