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Streamline and leverage logistics to ensure timely delivery

Plan Transportation Logistics with Real-Time Updates and Insights

Logistics for the transportation aspect is a major component of a successful rental and leasing company. You need to ensure that you have the right solution to support this aspect. Your solution needs to be able to lighten the workload for physically processing equipment and information in real-time. You need to have access to graphical planning boards that let you access, coordinate, and monitor availability, transport, resources, and complex work orders.

Business intelligence is another factor that can provide complete financial insight and reporting capabilities for high-volume, high-value inventory. Track and trace, mobile communications, precise oversight that spans warehouse processes to utilization and maintenance at a glance are some more vital features that would come in handy. When it comes to planning transportation and logistics, the ask is huge. You need to factor in less-than-load shipments, multi-mode channels for equipment delivery, shipper/carrier collaboration in addition to capabilities to connect with warehouse departments, drivers, order processing, and other depots.

Our solution enables rental and leasing companies to transport customer, third-party, or equipment you own, with efficient task planning and scheduling. You can collaborate with logistics and warehouses to efficiently pick, pack, and shipment allocation. Transport orders and directions can be sent to resources anywhere via mobile devices, and with TomTom integration, you’ll have 24/7 communication and route optimization at hand. TomTom helps you improve efficiency, performance, and customer and employee satisfaction. TomTom helps you improve efficiency, performance, and customer and employee satisfaction.

DynaRent Solutions Suite

DynaRent Transportation Management

Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real-time: Whether you’re transporting customer, third-party, or your own equipment, DynaRent Transport Management enables equipment industries to smoothly organize transport requests into efficient task planning and scheduling.

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