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Lease Management 07

Lease Management

Are you ready for new trends in car and equipment leasing?

Leasing software for automotive and equipment leasing

Customers want lots of alternatives to traditional models for leasing cars, and the lease industry has expanded to include many types of equipment and goods. While lease with an option to own is still part of the picture, both consumers and businesses want both to conserve spending and make sure that they always have the latest models. That leasing mindset spans cars, bikes, household and commercial goods—you name it. Top trends range from usage-only leases, to vehicle sharing, to business “mobility budgets” for employees, to combined lease and rental packages. There’s also pressure to bundle lease management so that it’s an end-to-end service offering with a packaged invoice, whether you’re working with financial or fully operational leasing. Both private and B2B customers expect that you can work with them using the latest cloud and mobile technology innovations for transactions, contracts, maintenance, and communications.

Dealerships have found it hard to accommodate changing approaches to leasing vehicles, equipment, and other goods. There can be hundreds of variables to track within a lease, and many stakeholders involved. What’s needed is software that can adapt to changing lease trends. DynaRent Lease Management gives you that flexibility, along with the rich, integrated functionality you need to handle complex contracts and multi-location fleets. Our solution automates financial and operational leasing and documentation, including calculation, services, replacement, and selling. Advanced document management covers all internal and external communications, agreements, invoicing—you name it—and auto-sends documentation to drivers, third-parties, customers, and other stakeholders. You can combine traditional approaches with the latest trends, and work seamlessly with DynaRent Transport Management, Service Management, and Mobility.

DynaRent Lease Management is part of a modular solutions suite that’s designed to meet multi-industry needs for equipment rental, leasing and services. Choose what you need now, and then add capabilities at any time. All modules integrate fully with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX to work as a complete, industry-specific business system. Our approach gives you one solution that adapts to new market trends and revenue opportunities. Name your requirement and it’s likely that we can meet it, while saving time and money for implementation and upgrades.

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