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Service efficiency & maintenance

Asset Management

Improve asset lifecycle management with optimum maintenance

Provide Maintenance to Enhance the Uptime and Lifecycle of Assets

Whether your focus is on equipment rental, lease, and services or you work in an equipment dealer niche, you need asset management software that can handle all sorts of requirements. From initial purchase to final sale or scrap, you may need to register and manage both bulk and serialized equipment. You need firm control over spare parts, subparts, and holistic equipment overviews, in many cases across different depots or locations. Service and maintenance requirements come in all shapes and sizes, from pre-sales inspections to corrective maintenance. You need to be able to work with the latest technologies to optimize equipment usage and lifecycles.

Equipment asset management—specifically, maintenance—is quite literally what gives your company a lifecycle to profit from, and maintenance is complex. To start, consider the many types of equipment a single company owns. What they rent to others, or perhaps provide service for as a third party. Different types of equipment, different usage scenarios, and different customer needs lead to a wide range of maintenance requirements.

✔ Our solution delivers rich dealer and asset management software to support all these needs fully.

Graphical dashboards and configurable processes give you automation and insight that spans operations, financials, and analytics.

✔ You can work seamlessly with advanced service management capabilities, including maintenance and resource planning, mobile field service, and readiness for the Internet of Things.

Our modular solutions suite is designed to meet multi-industry needs for equipment rental, leasing, and services.

DynaRent Solutions Suite

Asset Management Software

Our DynaRent Solution Suite combines standard functionality with stellar flexibility to meet multi-industry needs that include transport, services, logistics, mobile field connectivity—that’s a start. Our equipment rental software fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and AX.

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