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Schedule and streamline pick-up and moving process at the end of the rental period

DynaRent Solution Suite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain

How DynaRent supports off-rent processes


Do you want to track the time it takes to pick up the equipment and bring it to the depot?

Track the time and cost it takes to arrange transportation to pick your asset up and bring it back to the depot when the equipment rental contract ends.

Equipment inspection 1

Want to have an idea of the impact of equipment inspection findings on revenue and service quality?

When your equipment is back in your depot, you need to inspect it for damage so that you can assess whether you need to bill the customer for it.

Comparison budget

Need to understand the actual rental rates and usage as compared to the budgeted numbers?

Often customers may end up using the machinery more than or less than the budgeted numbers. You need to ascertain the difference for comparison.

In-depth analysis

Require an in-depth analysis of returns and the way you plan transport to minimize costs?

Customers may return the equipment before the close of the rental period due to many reasons. During the off-rent phase, you need to analyze the reasons to cut costs.

How can our DynaRent Solution Suite help support your
off-rent processes?


Increase rental revenue and equipment performance with ease

The DynaRent off-rent module helps you quicken the process through which your equipment is readied to be rented out again. Learn all the key performance indicators that you need to focus on during this stage.

What DynaRent Offers

Work on the readiness of the equipment for the next rental

Prepare the equipment for the next rental customer to get the best possible outcomes. Quicken the process of getting the equipment ready for the next rental customer while ensuring that it is in the optimum condition.

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Add value to the rental equipment by putting it through quality checks

Transport the machine to the location where there is likely to be the highest demand for it. Carry out all the steps required to keep it in optimum working condition. 

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Organize the pick-up, checking, and the moving of the equipment with ease

Pick the equipment from the customer on time to enable the next steps of checking it. Once you inspect the machinery, start the next steps based on the outcome like further repairs, billing for damages, arranging missing parts if any, and then move it to the depot for rental purposes.

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Process Returns

Discover how our solution works

Discover how our solution works

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