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Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Anticipate and manage the customer need lifecycle

Enhance the Leasing and Rental Experience from Lead to Quote

The rental industry requires an entirely different nurture flow when it comes to the conversion of leads into deals. As a leasing and rental outfit, you would need an overview of details like rental and lease terms available, the asset types, the types of service provided, and the transportation required. What you need is to be able to drill down in the system to get details like credit limits, products, pricing, availability, work locations, and depots, with just a few clicks. You and your team would need to have information at every stage of the lead-prospect-opportunity-quote-order-work order-invoice journey.

DynaRent CRM 365 can help you get vital insights on what your potential clients want. Once you have gleaned this information, it becomes easier for you and your team to manage the relationship, sales pipeline, and even offer additional rental products and services. You can use DynaRent CRM 365 to capture the buyer behavior and leverage this information at various touch points of the customer interaction. Our solution provide insights into the key performance indicators (KPIs) that your outfit has throughout the complete process. As a consequence, this would mean you can get actionable insights and make smart business decisions based on data that is generated from customer interactions. Leverage the in-built intelligence functionality to gain a complete and instant summary of the estimated and actual revenue from the current and completed orders.

Our solutions provide you with the means to offer a targeted and personalized level of service, which has become the norm today and improve the customer experience and increase purchases and loyalty. The more profound insights you can gain from the snapshot of the customers’ behavior through their buying journey, the better you will be able to tweak the process and make it better.

Likewise, when you share the insights with your teams, it can have a positive impact on productivity and can ensure that all employees are aligned with the strategical goals of the company. This way the internal KPIs can be matched with the strategic positioning you are aiming for in the market. As a competitive rental and leasing outfit, you can leverage our solutions, DynaRent 365 CRM and DynaRent 365 Finance and Operations to ensure that the critical data is updated between the systems.

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