23 September 2020

Why is Flexibility Important in an Equipment Rental Solution?

Flexibility of Equipment Rental Solutions

The equipment rental business, like many others is going through a period of rapid technological disruption. New solutions, ranging from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, emerging on the marketplace and the unpredictable circumstances like the on-going COVID-19. As a result, companies are seeking flexible equipment rental solutions to be able to adapt and adjust, while also being prepared to respond to disruption and obsoletion.  

A good equipment rental solution can fuel that degree of elasticity and makes flexibility a decisive factor for its users. At To-Increase, we have been helping our equipment rental customers keep up with their ever-changing technology needs through DynaRent Solutions Suite, our comprehensive equipment rental software solution. 

In this blog, we will learn how flexibility can add tons of value to our solutions and how this becomes essential to our customers, at the time of making changes to underlying code and to the way we offer the solutions. 

What is flexibility, and what does it mean to your equipment rental business?

Flexibility means being able to have business agility, which is the ability to effectively manage and adapt knowledge so that the business has the potential to thrive in an ever-changing and unpredictable business environment—in other words, being proficient at change.  
Agility is foreseen to combine competitive dimensions such as cost, quality or dependability with the ability to quickly respond to any unexpected changes in the business processes such as offering your customers to rock the new digital opportunities and capture more customers across their own business network. It enables them to maximize their relationships and interactions within the industry, which results in productive partnerships with suppliers and, most importantly, with customers.  

Modern rental solutions like DynaRent offer flexible tools that help businesses to build up their process agility by offering useful information at the earliest possible time, different options to adapt to every potential customer’s needs and the right timing to enable the products. It all becomes a matter of having the right information and people, at the right time, to increase ways to improve operations without any delays in decision-making and without any delays in deliveries. 

Business Agility

Now that’s one question that everyone asks: “How do we achieve business agility?”. We have seen how the rapidly changing environments have evolved today, and we need to be fast enough to adapt and adjust. How to achieve that, depends to a certain extent on how much is the rental solution into real-time business intelligence data.

Real-time data is an essential factor to be considered in every rental solution. If the customer would like to access to the different products, we want to offer all the available options to offer, even when a product has been recently launched. The business will become automatically stronger when majority of the customers can leave the website with a closed deal. Therefore we increasingly hear about business intelligence and how important it becomes to enable the information to provide in real-time, effectively.


Another feature we must think of at the time of deciding for rental solutions, is mobile technologies. Being mobile means being flexible. Being able to choose the exact moment and place to operate, retrieve data, share results or close a deal is more attractive to most people. Consequently, you achieve more throughout the entire value chain.

Mobile technologies, at the same time, encourage business process improvements by making you capable of becoming operational at the most convenient and suitable time. Mobility comes hand in hand with robustness, and every system that offers mobility should ensure a robust infrastructure to make business happen, everywhere. Robustness also relates to the effects of any change or modifications. It impacts how the systems react before and after a change occurs.

Mobile technologies give customers and sellers the flexibility needed to close a deal from a mobile phone, tablet, or even laptop. They also help you update all the products in inventory without having to move heavy equipment or lose data in the process. This is as you read, contributing as well to real-time data.


After talking about the other factors, you may wonder where does scalability fit in all the landscape? Scalability is another key success factor in a flexible business solution because it means your business can expand, integrate, transform and adapt without losing all your savings or burning out all your resources on it. In other words, it helps the business to keep up without losing the pace.

For a system to be scalable, it needs to be able to integrate with other systems and devices. Therefore, it is crucial to think about unified solutions that allow customers to continue using legacy technology. That will automatically lead to a substantial reduction in your costs, allowing your business to invest more in the rest of the factors and trends.

Investing in the right tools

To summarize, it is highly essential for every business, nowadays, to look at integrated solutions and keep a closer eye on all the factors that sustain flexibility and create business agility.

Your integrated solution must be able to reflect the same level of flexibility and scalability in the way systems and services are being offered—just at the same pace as the digital world is evolving.

To-Increase understands that offering the right services along with our integrated solutions is a key factor in ensuring our customers are investing in the right tools. We pay close attention to how our customers can get the maximum ROI and scale up whenever they require to respond to a threat or to strengthen their positions. Our goal is not just to offer a system, or a service, or a solution. We are committed to offering security compliance, flexibility, and robust mobility infrastructure to suit the most changing needs of this new business world we are facing.

Want to learn about different ways a solution like DynaRent can support your equipment rental business?

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