30 March 2016

TomTom Webfleet & DynaRent planning

Looking for ways to conserve costs for your equipment rental and services company? Your planning department plays major roles across the board. So let’s hone in on one area--optimized and efficient load planning and automated routing. Consequently the math is straightforward and ultimately leads to significant savings.

A few examples: A planning department equipped with TomTom webfleet and DynaRent overviews that let them organize driving. As a result, you reduce even one route per day. Your savings will add up pretty quickly for labor, fuel, and truck usage. In addition you can compound those savings with automated, open connection between planning and drivers that virtually eliminates trips back to the depot or office. Furthermore the right tools enable planning to automatically send workflow-based directions, packing slips, return notes and other information to drivers’ mobile devices. Changes made in real-time, without delays or confusion, and planners and drivers can communicate freely 24/7, regardless their locations.

DynaRent for Dynamics AX can give you all that and more with out-of-the-box TomTom Webfleet integration that works as an extension of our graphical transport planning board. All data is centralized and shared in Dynamics AX, ensuring information’s current and accurate across all locations, depots, etc. DynaRent’s rich planning tools combined with the TomTom integration ensure the numbers for savings and profitability are strong. Here are key highlights that expand on examples we’ve discussed:

  • Enable both automated and “ad hoc” communication between planners and drivers
  • Reduce fuel costs for routes and “back to the depot” trips
  • Increase on-time delivery of your equipment
  • Optimize actual routes
  • Reduce planning department workload with graphical, end-to-end overviews; drag-and-drop scheduling tools, pre-configured packages for directions, workflow, documentation, and more
  • Instantly access the latest scheduling information such as requested delivery times, estimated travel times, loading and unloading times—everything needed for pinpoint accuracy
  • Increase equipment utilization rate by decreasing delivery/return times
  • Handle entire proof of delivery on drivers’ mobile devices, using workflow-driven documentation ensures the delivery or the returning of the right goods
TomTom WebfleetTomTom WebfleetTomTom Webfleet
Image 2: TomTom Webfleet device: order and route information

And since the customer’s your focus, DynaRent TomTom helps drive their satisfaction.

Saving time, effort, and cost won’t lead to profits in a market where the customer dictates most of the terms, so it’s key that our TomTom integration goes the extra mile to ensure you keep promises for deliveries, updates, pickups, etc. Customers want to stay informed, and you can keep them current using Dynamics AX on the TomTom Webfleet portal. They’ll also have an optimal experience with an efficient driver who can handle all proof of delivery and forms on their mobile devices, with ability to instantly connect with planning if the customer does have a question or an issue arises.

Looking for best direction? Take a ride with us to learn more about DynaRent’s TomTom Webfleet integration for Dynamics AX. It’s a great solution, and we encourage you to contact us for a discussion or personalized demo.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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