3 November 2020

To-Increase Launches DynaRent Customer Portal for Equipment Rental Companies

To-Increase Launches DynaRent Customer Portal for Equipment Rental Companies

The DynaRent Customer Portal is a state-of-the-art solution offering a plethora of functionalities and features beneficial for equipment rental companies and their customers.

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, November 3rd, 2020 — To-Increase has launched the DynaRent Customer Portal to empower equipment rental businesses and their customers. This cloud-based portal can optimize equipment rental operations and improve customer relationships. The portal's seamlessness, flexibility, transparency, and independence help rental companies and their customers streamline their operations, resources, and processes — leading to a win-win situation.

Why do equipment rental companies need a customer portal?

Like any other industry, the equipment rental market is experiencing a shift in the trends, with more and more customers expecting online rental transactions and digitalized processes. According to a survey by the American Rental Association, online/website rentals will be the second most common rental method after in-person rentals.

Additionally, a Boston Consulting Group study shows that up to 70% of B2B search queries are made via a mobile device, indicating that the shift to e-commerce is real and digital rentals will only increase.

Businesses involved in renting equipment must simplify the customers' renting process and empower them with online bookings. This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty and makes customers more self-sufficient while speeding up the sales and rental processes.

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What is the DynaRent Rental Customer Portal by To-Increase?

The DynaRent Customer Portal allows equipment rental customers to manage their rented equipment through automated information sharing, decreasing dependency on any internal teams.

With an ERP-agnostic connection (built on Power Platform), a rental dashboard, and Power BI integration, the customizable portal offers various features. With this exciting addition to their rental product portfolio, To-Increase intends to start a new journey with equipment rental companies and their customers to address key challenges and opportunities in the rental industry.


The customer portal can be a value-added proposition for rental companies already using the rental-specific software, DynaRent (embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM).


Key features of the Rental Customer Portal

Some features of the portal include:

  • Viewing equipment lists and location
  • Easy management of cases, rental invoices, and extensions
  • Booking, tracking, and monitoring rental equipment by customers
  • Rental dashboards with insights into equipment and performance

Benefits of the portal for equipment rental companies and their customers

Implementing a customer-friendly solution with which a rental company’s target audience can get visibility into the rented equipment anytime and anywhere directly impacts customer loyalty.


While the portal has been meticulously designed to give end customers high visibility into their equipment and streamline their rental operations, it also helps equipment rental companies digitalize beyond ERP and stay ahead of the competition.

By enabling seamless and effective processes that aid auto-pilot mode, equipment rental companies can significantly improve customer satisfaction and experience. With more time and resources at their disposal, they can also focus on introducing value-added services, improving processes, or increasing business adaptability.

Some key benefits of the rental customer portal include:

  • Ease of customer interaction and support around the clock
  • Improved equipment usage and payment tracking
  • Two-way sharing of vital information on rental equipment
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with quicker response rates

Speaking about the launch, Michiel Toppers, Director of Product Management, To-Increase, said:

"In addition to booking, tracking, and managing rental equipment on their own and at any time, the end customers can leverage this portal to access real-time data and detailed insights. The portal offers various benefits to equipment rental companies, such as enhancing customer experience and optimizing operational costs. In other words, a state-of-the-art customer portal is the key to the success of both rental companies and customers."

Explore more about the DynaRent Customer Portal

To learn more about the rental customer portal, look at this page which gives a quick overview of the solution. For a deeper dive into the portal's features, functionalities, and benefits, check out the solution factsheet linked below.

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