13 November 2015

To-Increase expands solution portfolio with Tensing


Equipment, Service and Rental companies often rely heavily on field resources. In particular service engineers. Whose days are filled with work orders for routine to “just in time” service calls or onsite project tasks. Mobile technologies are rapidly becoming a must-have to ensure that workers have quick access to precise information, documentation, and workflow.

Hence, To-Increase is responding to that need by extending the reach of DynaRent for Dynamics into the field. Working with strategic partner Tensing, we’ve leveraged Tensing’s best-in-class mobility platforms for Windows, IOS, and Android. DynaRent Mobile gives workers the exact information and role-based workflow they need from DynaRent in Dynamics. Therefore, project managers and planners can utilize DynaRent’s rich capabilities and full Dynamics integration to schedule, allocate, and monitor service tasks.

For example, service engineers don’t need to be at the depot or on a laptop to receive and print documents. Instead, they can receive everything they need directly on their mobile device. For example, from work orders to time registration forms, automated emails for customers, invoices and more. Whatever your industry niche, the Tensing mobility platforms enable straightforward DynaRent mobile configuration that maps to your specific business processes and field roles.

Benefits span the entire order-to-cash cycle, starting with reduced risk and increased accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, there is no more paper-based exchange or ad hoc processes for recording and tracking information for work, change orders, billing, etc. Consequently, technicians can provide customers, planners, and other back-office employees with service and digital documentation that follow a complete workflow-driven path and connect all dots.

Highlights include:

  • Assurance that technicians receive relevant, correct information straight from DynaRent in Dynamics
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • Reduced overhead for planning and ERP teams
  • Complete question-based checklists
  • Agile and efficient execution that boosts customer satisfaction and business performance
  • Real-time proof of delivery
  • Automated emails that provide customers with all service-related documentation
  • Accurate monitoring for all service calls; ability to reconfigure workflow if service needs change
  • Reduce hard copies

And of course the always-on connection across worksites and the central office—a more unified organization that can profitably balance costs, speed, and quality and retain customers.

“We are very pleased with this strategic partnership with Tensing, working with a partner like this allows us to deliver best-of-breed mobile technology for the customers in our industries. This will allow us to grow our footprint in mobility for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DynaRent.” says Michiel Toppers, Product Director at To-Increase. Tim Booij, Manager Development & Operations from Tensing: “Last year we improved our platform with many future proved functionalities. Due to this partnership we can add value to Microsoft Dynamics DynaRent customers.”

Intrigued? If you’re using or considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Or Dynamics AX), and using or considering HiGH Software DynaRent, please do contact info@to-increase.com for a custom demo of our mobile app.

Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Product Director

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