15 December 2017

DynaRent’s maintenance spare parts management

When your revenue is stored specific areas like warehousing and spare parts management can be a potential risk. Especially when you don't have full control of your warehouse and its purchasing process. Spare parts management is an especially complex area. Especially when you consider corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance for your equipment. How do you know when you need specific spare parts?

Of course, based on historical information you can work with minimum and maximum inventory levels to make sure you have sufficient inventory. In addition, you can do manual replenishment based on your service management experience.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides a functionality that allows the system to inform you when you need specific spare parts based on the requests that you entered in the system. DynaRent intergrates seamlessly with this functionality. As a result, work orders that are generated in the system inform Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations directly when and which type of spare parts are required. This is followed by a purchase proposal in case you do not have sufficient inventory yet.

Using master resource planning (MRP) for your spare parts will drastically decrease your inventory costs!

On each service work order in DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it is possible to identify the required spare parts that you need for the job. Of course, this can differ per service job, equipment type, or even per unique piece of equipment. DynaRent provides all the necessary flexibility and is fully configurable.

Maintenance spare parts management
Image 1: Item requirements configuration per work order task

Take an even closer look into spare parts management

As mentioned above, as soon as you create the work order, the system links the required spare parts to the work order and Dynamics’s master resource planning picks it up. This then provides a complete proposal of purchasable spare parts. On the work order, the system calculates the maintenance ready date based on when the work order is ready for maintenance and when you can use it again within the fleet.

internal customer spare parts management
Image 2: Maintenance work order and its maintenance ready date

Leveraging important Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations functionality is vital for our customers. It allows them to take advantage of essential standard features from Microsoft and important industry-specific features from HiGH Software!

Curious about our DynaRent Solution Suite? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us at info@highsoftware.com to discuss, or visit www.highsoftware.com and see what we’re up to!

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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