18 April 2016

The cloud’s holding out innovation with DynaRent

To-Increase’s focus for DynaRent for Dynamics AX has always been innovation. And that’s been front and center. In particular over the past months as we’ve kept pace with the new Dynamics AX. Along with a new release for the DynaRent solutions suite, we’re offering a mobility solution. Consequently, DynaRent is taking field service and maintenance to new levels. Therefore, we’ve enhanced Dynamics Lifecycle Services to meet industry-specific needs for DynaRent implementations and application management. Hence, the DynaRent Solutions Suite and Lifecycle Services are now easily accessible, and now the focus is on Rental Cortana Analytics.

Just as important, with Rental Cortana Analytics, we’re focused on helping equipment and services rental companies understand how the cloud, Big Data, The Internet of Things, and the growing array of apps and devices can benefit their business. Our goal is to get behind the buzz and ensure customers feel more at ease with investing in new technologies and ways of working with Rental Cortana Analytics.

Image 1: Example of a rental performance overview in Rental Cortana Analytics - PowerBI

Envision 2016 gave us a great opportunity to absorb and discuss possibilities for DynaRent’s future value. While we showcased and discussed our current offerings and expertise. There’s a lot in store, but we’re looking forward to giving customers DynaRent solutions that work effortlessly with the Azure platform, IOT, Big Data, and all those apps and devices. For example, using DynaRent with Cortana Analytics for predictive and preventive service and maintenance for equipment at customer sites:

  • A central cloud database works in real time to collect and update every granule of information relevant to equipment and services from devices, apps, ERP and more
  • Built-in cloud algorithms monitor and analyze all aspects of service maintenance at global, local, and customer-specific levels
  • Potential and immediate issues, breakdowns, irregularities trigger alerts to appropriate roles and devices, with analyses, recommendations, instructions
  • Routine maintenance and service goes well beyond alerts/notifications to include full analysis of utilization, condition, special circumstances
  • Planners, techs, back-office teams, even customers can query or “ask Cortana” for 360 degree or general information and receive detailed responses and recommendations

Due to, setups that can vary widely and are infinitely flexible. The intelligent platform will follow all nuances for all variables, and DynaRent planners and your business are still in charge. What’s key is that technology turns automation efficiency into collaboration and what you might call “personalized centralization.”

Rental Cortana Analytics
Image 2: Cortana Analytics configurtion possibilities

To-Increase will be rolling up its sleeves, so check back in. We encourage you also to read our articles about the latest market trends and DynaRent offerings for equipment and service industries

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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