12 March 2020

How You Can Reduce the Carbon Footprint with Efficient Rental Management

The world today has become increasingly concerned about the state of the environment. Enlightened countries have started taking measures to ensure that we sustain the natural resources that our planet has provided us.

A lot of research and study has gone to determine the steps the world can take to reduce the emission of carbon into the environment. According to research carried out by SGS Search, CE Delft, and Climate Neutral Group, equipment rental as a model, can have a positive effect on reducing the carbon footprint.

The study concentrated on selecting and studying ten pieces of construction equipment that were regularly rented and used by contractors. The study focused on three phases of equipment—production, use, and end-of-life.


How does the equipment rental business model help reduce carbon emission?

At To-Increase, we have been supporting the equipment rental industry over the years with our complete equipment rental solution—DynaRent. Rental companies often approach us with a lot of questions and queries they have about the business, including how they can contribute to the green movement. 

In this article, we will look at the many ways in which equipment rental companies can positively impact the environment.

Reduce the manufacturing of equipment

The rental model is that of not buying a piece of equipment outright but renting it instead. The rental model ensures that the production of equipment is minimized due to more companies using the same piece of equipment instead of purchasing it outright. The sharing model ensures that the excess manufacturing of equipment is limited, thus resulting in the reduction of carbon emission.

Help customers choose the right equipment

Often customers are not sure which machine will help them with their project and end up renting equipment of higher capacity. In their position as experts, equipment rental companies can guide customers on the right capacity machinery for their purpose and, in this way, help reduce carbon emission. Another way that an equipment rental solution like DynaRent helps is by providing machines that are in good condition, thus, reducing the carbon emission, which would otherwise result from a poorly-maintained machine.

Ensure that delivery routes are shorter

Rental companies have various branches at places where there is higher demand, and by doing this, they can significantly reduce the need to transport the equipment. With strategically planned rental equipment depots and proper planning of transportation with technology like the internet of things, there can be a substantial reduction in carbon emission.

Maintain equipment well to extend the life

Equipment rental companies often manage their business with a software solution that offers them extensive business intelligence about the rental market. Rental companies use these insights and their knowledge of the equipment fleet; they manage to undertake preventive maintenance at regular times.

Regular and proper maintenance can ensure that not only does the life of the equipment extend, but it also ensures that the operation of the machine reduces carbon emissions.

Use the equipment right to make it last longer

Many equipment rental companies offer their customers a rental portal/apps that helps them use their machinery better. The portal guides the customers on the steps they need to take, the rest periods, the right consumables, the right inputs, etc. to ensure that the equipment lasts longer. This, in turn, helps reduce carbon emission.

Manage the end-of-life more efficiently

Equipment rental companies usually plan the end-of-life of the equipment in their portfolio correctly. In many cases, they offer the equipment to customers at a reduced rate or arrange to have the parts of the equipment removed and refurbished to be used in many ways. All these steps ensure that the carbon emission is also controlled.


Renting of equipment can help our rapidly floundering environment by reducing the carbon emission in many ways. At To-Increase, we have been supporting our equipment rental customers with the right software that supports them in asset management, service management, usage rates, IoT, business intelligence, and many other ways.

What is more, one of the sustainability goals at To-Increase is to reduce carbon emission. This is a mission that we are supporting through DynaRent, which allows customers to choose the right equipment of the right capacity and helps in managing the lifecycle of the equipment.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
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