11 May 2018

The most important factors for successful project implementation

Important factors for a successful project implementation

Many factors are important for a successful project implementation, and it is essential to properly coordinate these factors. The project manager plays an important role in this. Factors such as scope, requirements, (realistic) project planning, the project plan, etc. are the “hard” skills of project management. The project manager is responsible for managing these factors. Using these documents, you can delineate the project, and it becomes clear what the project will deliver. There are templates you can use, as well as guidelines for filling in these templates.

To implement a successful project, there is another essential factor: communication

This is the “soft” side of the project. This is a very broad definition, but it is key for a successful project.

This includes not only the communication with the customer, but with all the stakeholders (internal and external) who involved with a project. This means that the project manager must ensure that all those involved have the correct information. So that they can fulfill the project tasks correctly and make the right decisions.

In addition, “coaching” the project staff is also critical because as a project manager, you have to ensure that the employees carry out their activities as you expect. This can also lead to the most common pitfall: that the project manager wants to do everything him- or herself so that he or she knows that the tasks will be executed successfully and the result will be as expected.

Therefore, a project manager must be able to delegate tasks and clearly communicate to the stakeholders what they can expect. He or she must also clearly communicate the expectations to the project staff so that the result will be as expected. Communication is a key factor that is often underestimated, but is crucial for a successful project.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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